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Trump 19 Point Lead? Why Nov 5 Election Won’t Happen. Trey Smith LIVE. B2T Show June 5, 2024

Show Notes

Rick starts discussing Tower 7 on 911.  He likes to ask people how many towers fell on 911?  When people answer 2, he knows they are not awake to what is going on in the world.

The reason is that the key tower that fell was Tower 7 which had a free fall in 6.5 seconds.  This contained key Governmental documents that were never recovered.

Rick believes the main goal of the inside job, was to get the Patriot Act implemented so the government could put in a surveillance state and spy on us all.

Rick discusses his belief that the cabal of globalists cannot afford to have Trump as President and will do anything and everything to keep him out, including having a 2nd Plandemic, create a war or have some type of martial law to keep the election from happening.

Then Trey Smith comes on and share many of his beliefs based on his deep analysis of Kim Clement’s prophesies and his deep research.

Trey gives us deep insight into many topics.

We discussed is take on 911 and how he was awakened to massive voter fraud decades ago in Colorado and the coordination of the Media.

How he was awakened to how corrupt the Bush’s are and how most of Congress is not working for us.

Trey discusses his appreciation for people joining God In a Nutshell so that he can continue to do his extensive research into Biblical topics that show key stories in the Bible are real history.

We also get to hear several stories about his father and even how his father on his death bed saw angels and described the in his last hours.

We also learned about why Trey feels many of Kim Clement’s prophecies will come to pass this year including the one about “strange July” and “hypnotic November.”

Listen for other insightful stories and analysis Trey has on how to prepare for the coming chaos.

Rick shows an @Polymarket poll that shows Trump up by 19 points (56-37) over Biden!

He also shows how the cash on hand advantage Biden and the Democrats had was eliminated almost entirely overnight after the conviction.

We also see more weakness in the Biden economy and very slow job growth.  Meanwhile, silver rebounded today going above $30 again, but it is still well below its historical high.

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Rick reviews several Trump Truths including a video of Trump describing how his constitutional rights have been violated.

Upcoming on B2T:

Tue, June 11th: Dr. Bryan Ardis

Wed, June 12th: Prophet Meri Crouley

We review how Fani Willis trail has been delayed further until a higher court rules on he being able to stay on the case.  It’s now unlikely it will resume before the election.

Also, Jack Smith’s case in Florida has been delayed as arguments are heard around the constitutionality of his appointment.

Therefore, the most damage the lawfare can do to Trump lies with the Stormy Daniels case and the felony conviction where the judge will announce the sentencing on July 11, just 4 days before the Republican convention.

We review some information on the Hunter Biden gun case where Rick feels the best result is a slap on the wrist that will awaken even more people to the 2-tiered justice system.

Trump did nothing wrong – 34 felony counts with decades in prison vs. Hunter committing many true felonies and getting a few months in jail and probation.

Rick reviews other news before moving to a Bible study on Acts 9 digging into Jesus telling us to take up our cross and follow him.

We study some cross-references around denying to ourselves, not saving our lives and actually losing it and looking into Jesus’s 2nd coming and His glory!

Luke 9

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus

Take Up Your Cross and Follow Jesus

V23 deny himself

Take up his cross


V24 however would save his life will lose it

V25 for what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world

V26 whoever is ashamed of me

Coming in his glory

The holy angels

V27 not taste death

Until they see the kingdom of God

“Death is an upgrade”

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