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Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty. Jordon & RINOs Battle. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Oct 19, 2023

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Sidney Powell works a plea deal to assure she will have no jail time based on the 7 felony counts.

It was the day before the trail, so it’s likely the prosecution did not want to go to trial due to the clear overcharging.

Sidney must write a letter saying she is sorry to the citizens of Georgia, pay some fines and be on probation.  How crazy!

Rick discusses his view on how this could go either way as far as being beneficial or damaging to Trump.

Bottom-line is that this displays the 2-tier justice system clearly and how the criminal cabal has weaponized the justice system.

We also discuss how Jim Jordon appeared earlier in the day to withdrawal from running for Speaker until January supporting the interim speaker.

Then just a few hours later, he reversed course (and/or clarified) that he was not withdrawing and just delayed the 3rd vote.

Thousands of people have been calling the 20+ congressmen who voted against the speaker.

Rick will be surprised if Jordon ever becomes speaker without a miracle from the Lord, due to all the RINOs and the establishment not wanting him to be the speaker.

Rick reviews news around the war including the false information about the hospital that was hit by a Hamas warhead.

The propaganda war continues on both sides, and unfortunately, has resulted in massive division across the world.

This is exactly what the elites needed.  They want all of us to take sides and fight each other vs. continue to expose and come together against the Cabal.

Rick then reviews more news including the US Debt clock now showing silver price projection of over $1,500 per once.

Call Kirk Elliott for a free consultation at  720.605.3900 to assure you are not too late when the Banks cannot afford to short it any longer.

It will happen on a moment’s notice, so it’s better to be 3-4 months early than 1 day late.

Rick brings on Tom from Cup O’Health and he explains how he got involved with the ReAwaken Tour and why the coffee is so healthy.

Not many people know how toxic most coffee is and it’s why this coffee muscle tests on Rick successfully compared to all other coffee’s he tested.

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Rick teaches on a summary of Hebrews 6 and the first part of Hebrews 7 where he contrasts the old High Priest vs. the new once and for all High Priest in Jesus.

Rick also discusses the incorrect teaching of Mormonism about many things including the Melchizedek priesthood.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer where Rick tests out some reconfigured videos with new sound levels that work well.

We get to hear multiple praise reports and pray for individual financial and health issues as well as praying for Trump and Netanyahu.

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