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Show Trial on Trump. Backfiring? PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Oct 2, 2023

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The elites trying to take Trump out have not learned their lesson!

Trump gets more press and the Justice Department’s 2-Tiered system continues to be exposed.

We learn of the New York judge trying to value a $400M property at $18M.

The same judge was trying to ignore an appellate court ruling on statute of limitations as well.

In this first day, the judge already had to backtrack and discuss the appellate court ruling, and Trump had a conference claiming 80% of the case would not apply any longer.

Time will tell if they can get any of these charges to stick, but what we do know is that Trump gets more press and popularity each time they attack.

Trump also went public before the trial that also put pressure on the prosecutors and the judge.

Be careful what you wish for New York, when you attack God’s anointed.

The FBI has issued a warning about a huge pedophile ring and exposed its various names and satanic techniques used.

Rick brings on Kirk Elliott who shows the latest that is now showing the projected spot price for silver to be $1,558 in 5 years.

Call Kirk to get your free consolation at 720.605.3900 to get specific advice around your situation.

Rick reviews other news before teaching on Hebrews Chapter 4.

This scripture warns against unbelief and disobeyed that kept the original Israelites from entering the Promised Land and His Sabbath rest.

Listen to understand how you can enter this rest in this life as well as look forward to your new tabernacle in the New Heaven, New Earth and New Jerusalem.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer, where we soak in the presence of the Lord as we worship, hear praise reports and lift up many prayer requests.

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