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SGAnon LIVE! Supreme Court to Hear J6 Case. B2T Show Dec 13, 2023

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SGAnon comes on live after the news and describes how he learned about the forced cannibalism in our food, his thoughts on Q, Continuity of Government and more!

Rick starts with the Supreme Court to Hear Case that could undo Jan 6 charges for many.

This case could also have implications for Trump since it involves an individual charged with one count under a provision of federal criminal law for anyone who “corruptly … obstructs, influences and impedes any official proceeding.”

We also see a politician collapsing from a heart attack almost immediately after Israel will not escape the wrath of Allah.

Rick reviews a Word of the Day that discusses the God of Hope and how we can overflow with hope!

Clapper, Rosenstein and other Deep State characters urge the passing of a new FISA rule that would allow even more domestic surveillance.

We also see that Hunter Biden was a no-show for his hearing as he made a public statement attacking the MAGA movement.

The New York Post prints an article from Johnathan Turley that rebukes the media and Democratic talking points around the Biden Crime family and Hunter.

He contends that there is clear evidence for impeaching Joe.

Rick reviews several of Trump’s Truths where he fights the PR battle against his indictments as his popularity continues to rise.

Trump retweets a Laura Loomer video where she talks about a relationship that did not work because she told her former boyfriend that Trump was far more important than him since Trump was going to save the country.

Rick reviews a video of a financial expert discussing all the gold the Central Banks around the world are buying making it very possible to move to the gold standard.

Rick points to Kirk Elliott who has helped Rick diversify into Silver. You can get a free consultation by contacting Kirk here:

or calling him at 720.605.3900.

SGAnon comes on afterward and details his thoughts on many key topics.

We get to hear about his awakening due to compounds put into soft drinks where human cells were used for flavoring and marked as “natural flavors”

He was reprimanded for reporting on it and spent many years better understanding the world of the Deep State that prepared him for this battle.

SG talks about his introduction to Q and why he thinks the Mockingbird Media is expending so much ammunition to squelsh it.

Many other topics are discussed including devolution, military law, underground tunnels, Alantis and much more.

Backstagers ask SGAnon questions about Australia, England and the 2024 election.

We then pray for SG based on his specific requests and then we play 3 worship videos before going backstage for a Bible Study.

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