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SGAnon LIVE. Hope! Cyber Attack? B2T Show Feb 22, 2024

Show Notes

Rick reviews news before SGAnon joins LIVE.

We review the cell phone outage from earlier in the day and SGAnon addresses this as well later.

Rick discusses cyber warfare and how Pharmacies were attacked just the day before this outage.

We discuss the importance of Hope during these times and Rick discusses a memory verse Romans 15:13 “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

Over 5,200 Biden donors are giving to Nikki Haley showing their TDS and how they are desperate to eliminate Trump.

Trump continues to dominate Nikki and Biden in the polls which is creating deep DC panic.

Tucker calls out Boris Johnson for wanting $1M to conduct an interview about the Ukraine.

Rick covers other news and then moves to Amanda Grace’s latest prophetic word before SGAnon joins the show.

After about 10 minutes the studio infrastructure’s bandwidth slows dramatically and although we were able to get 98% of the interview on a local recording, the stream did not work well.

Therefore, we will air this again today.  Those backstage were able to enjoy the interview despite Rick’s zoom not working.

Di from London took over the interviewing responsibilities and did a fantastic job!

Rick discusses protecting your heart with Cardio Miracle recommended by many natural doctors and experts on the jabs:

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February 19, 2024 – Amanda Grace’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T – RIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS IN THE COURTS, CHANGING OF THE GUARD, AND AN OPEN DOOR

***Praise, glory, and honor be to the king of kings and the Lord of lords who sits on the highest throne. The Lord of hosts, his name, his holiness encompasses the heavens, his words and judgments pierce the earth. The earth cries out to its creator and to his kingdom. There is no end.##

***And the spirit of the Lord says this day, I am God. There is no other. I am not a God that I should lie, and the mockeries of men in this hour shall deliver onto them a shameful portion that they shall have to eat before the people. For the wicked, The Hamans, the Delilah’s have arisen and have attempted to lynch others in order to pay the money into the king’s treasury for a great power and prestige.##

***That money shall be a curse onto them, says the Lord. Woe onto them, says the Lord. Woe onto them, for it would have been better that some were never born, says the Lord. For the public gallows they have erected and the decrees they have attempted through pious judges, and generals, and the departments of justice, and law, shall be written over in due seasons, says the Lord. They shall be written over, they shall be overridden, overruled. For I am the highest judge, and the judges who took cases of money and consume the promises of serpents shall and will suddenly fall, says the Lord. They shall fall into the briars and thorn bushes of their own making, for they select justice. They do not carry it out as a public servant of the people.##

***New York, says the Lord, very soon the debris shall begin to be swept out as a changing of the guard occurs and those who smugly and pridefully and publicly laugh and scoff and think they have their trophy, pride cometh before destruction in a haughty spirit, before a big fall, says the Lord. They have sowed their fall. They have attempted to give the money into the king’s treasury. They have attempted to make a name, a fleshly, pompous name for themselves, built on a hill of corruption, bribes, promises of wealth and power. The emails and the texts will be exposed, says the Lord, and the paper trail will lead back to a garland and a secretary, and they shall turn on those in New York and hang them out to dry before the people as they cling to the horns of the altar attempting to save themselves.##

***And says the Lord of hosts, that spirit that influenced Delilah for money and influence to strip Samson of what I, the Lord, gave him, as he so foolishly for the flesh revealed what I, the Lord, meant to be concealed, the altar they have offered that upon, those pillars shall come down on them and doubt shall be cast upon every case they have brought because of what the Delilah’s have done. Reasonable doubt, says the Lord, reasonable doubt.##

*** And says the Lord of hosts, I, the Lord thy God, this day, am issuing a warning to the highest court in the land, the supreme and the appellate courts, you are a servant of the people, not of yourselves, of the interests of God-haters and freedom takers that reside in your capital of America. You are a servant, meant to uphold the law, not change it, not interpret it, but to uphold the law and ensure corruption is magnified in cases, and fallacies and weak evidence does not make the foundation of a case. I am warning you, oh judges, choose righteously in this hour. Rule in accordance with the law and my word, for it shall be your seats if you choose to follow the wayward path, the broad path of the perversions of the law that an entire gaggle of fools has put forth.##

***I warn you, oh judges, death and life are in the power of the tongue. Walk in my ways and I will protect you from the threats being brought forth. However, the one tied to a garland is in danger of losing their seat. Choose this day whom you will serve, for a man cannot serve two masters. I will uphold you before men as you do the honorable and righteous acts before the nation.##

***And to the appellate court, says the Lord, if you take bribes, oh judges, to uphold weak cases, corruptible cases, if you choose to follow the stench, lies, and wickedness put forth, your robe shall be lifted up before the people and what has been hidden away in your desks and lock boxes shall be unlocked and exposed. Be a judge who represents me, the Lord Almighty, not a puppet who sits in a kangaroo court and enables such a circus; stubborn donkeys and trained elephants and prosecutors who have done worse in the dark than those they accuse. The depths of their dark deeds and acts that break the law shall and will be put under a microscope and no matter how well they have hidden such, the trust will break and it shall be laid bare, says the Lord.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, Potiphar’s wife so accuses Joseph of an assault that never occurred out of lust and greed. Oh, Potiphar’s wife, you may be celebrating now but you have cursed yourself, and those who let you on their news stations will become the heifer and laughing stock. As your mind goes, madness sets in and the truth is exposed of what you truly have done. The one you persecute will rule over you, and I am issuing judgment against such a spirit, and it shall be restrained, says the Lord.##

***Thus says the Lord, give what you have built onto me. Oh trumpets, says the Lord, lay such at my altar, for the restoration is painful but necessary, and if you give it onto me, I shall give back onto you more than you had before, for it must be swept and cleaned and parts rebuilt. So, humbly lay it before me and allow me to save and restore it for my glory that you may see me as Jehovah Jireh, your provider. Surrender it onto me and watch what I do to restore such, says the Lord.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, June on your calendar may be riddled with pride, however around that time is marked for many falls and removals, says the Lord; and a very public resignation shall bring forth a dark horse, says the Lord. Watch, says the Lord, for the bait and switch to run ahead and no matter who is brought forth, no matter who they attempt to place in that seat, it is mine to give, says the Lord. The kingdom of darkness may anoint, however it does not hold up to my rulings and judgments, for I the Lord raise kings up and I bring them low, and I the Lord can do such in a single day, for I the Lord am not bound by time or space, and as they attempt to shuffle such a deck of fools and global thinkers, I, the Lord, shall throw a wrench and a hammer into their plans.##

***There shall be a collapse of a platform from another gust of wind, says the Lord, for it is my holy wind that shall gust through the nation, and change and repentance follows such a wind. That holy wind shall encompass areas of your nation and Canada and South America.

It shall encompass the high holy days, for there shall be signs to the day that occur that signal a major changing of the guard and shifting of the branches of government, and they are set to be pruned, says the Lord, in America and in Israel, says the Lord, for the wind of Ruach Elohim is blowing in the government of Israel and it shall shake the branches, and the leaves shall fall off for what some did to their own people.##

***Their own people, says the Lord, and it was allowed by stubborn Oxen and those who desire to advance on resources and oil and serious events; an attempt near the wailing wall, for it must be pruned. The disease from the tree must be fully cut off in Israel and America and Canada and France and Ukraine and Russia, says the Lord, for Putin may issue threats against my firstborn, as the Muslim world influences his thinking.

However, he has begun down a road of perdition, for his threats and the bloodshed and innocent lives taken are a stain on you, oh Putin; are a stain on you, oh Zelensky, for both have acted recklessly and both are being weighed on the scales in my courts, and I, the Lord, shall decide what becomes of your seats, for Putin is percolating to advance even further than Ukraine as the religion of the far east uses him as their ox.##

***Well, says the Lord, Ox gets stuck in the mud and bears eventually must go into hibernation. However, says the Lord, a covenant has been made in Ukraine that must be destroyed, says the Lord. The leader has consulted witches and occultists in his desperation, has conjured up deliverance from a darkness that now has him in bondage as a tool of their use now in the world, and that must be cleansed from the land, says the Lord. For Saul has allowed the sorceries back into the land, and for such, the kingdom shall be torn away, says the Lord.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, watch the Sea of Japan for contention to be stirred up as Japan will have to stand up to a fiery dragon thirsty for more resources and territories of an oceanic nature. The dragon thinks the world is hyper-focused on Israel and Russia and Ukraine, and it shall fly over to attempt in advance. However, that fire shall be squelched as the dragon sputters and gasps for air, for it will go too high, too quick, and will have to be brought low, says the Lord.##

***And says the spirit of the Lord this day, is my arm too short that it cannot save, says the Lord. Cursed is the man who trust in the arms of flesh, for it is my arm, my power, that truly saves, that levels the high places, that brings nations low, that humbles the proud and causes the arrogant to retreat.##

Watch Chile, says the Lord, in this hour.

***Thus says the Lord, what is occurring at your borders is a spiritual picture of what has been allowed to flood into the nation by the ceremonies done in inner rooms of the White House with a portrait of a former president. What has been done, the abominations, done in the inner rooms of The White House and purposely near the chapel, shall be exposed. As I allowed Ezekiel to see what leaders were doing in secret, I, the Lord, shall shine the light of truth in such inner areas and it shall, and will, flood out into the open, says the Lord. Spiritually your nation has welcomed in every haunt, taunt, foul spirits, ancient spirits, blood thirsty spirits that have shackled men and women who have bowed before the altar of Santoria; that foul stench, abomination, and have bowed before the altar of the dead and have bowed to the cartels, for they have set themselves up as Gods.##

***And I the Lord thy God, say and proclaim this day, that judgment is being issued against the heads and the financial masters of the cartels who have set themselves up as gods and offered blood to foreign gods for your seat. TikTok. The clock is quickly approaching the midnight hour where the heads and financial masters of the cartels will have inflicted upon them, from my courts, the worst hits in their histories; and their supply chain shall break, their flesh shall quake, and they shall see they are far from gods, but cowardly men and women who foolishly gave themselves over to a kingdom of darkness that cannot save them. Only true repentance and forsaking all the abominations and relics and blood money will save them. However, their penalty will still be due as their cup of iniquities has become full and shall, and will, be poured out in this season.##

***And says the Lord of hosts, New York, shall be eclipsed, says the Lord. As the eclipse occurs and the poles of the sun switch, both are happening together in the heavenlies during a valley of decision-year for America; and the poles shall reverse in nations in the earth. The magnetic pull of the earth shall do something that shall have science scratching their heads. For I, the Lord shall cause a surge and a flip, says the Lord.##

***The polls shall reverse, for I, the Lord, allowed what happened in your last election? Did you hear me? I allowed it. I allowed it for the sake of the nation to see the stench that would have had the nation gasping for air in the year 2024. I allowed all the stench and the filth and the wickedness to come to a crescendo to make the way straight, to part the way of its destruction, for it shall look for a moment like all is lost. It is not, says the Lord, it is not. For restoration is sounding and calling to the nation. However, to restore, one must first give up everything to me, the Lord Almighty, and I shall give it back onto them, for my resources are endless, says the Lord.##

***Look for the king of kings and the Lord of Lords; not just a mere man, for man is a tool in my hands. However, you must go to the source, my people, my children. Look to the source, not the one the source is providing, and you shall align with my will and my ways and you shall see a door that has remained locked in your nation for such a time. Unlock and open, and the sound of the door opening will be great; for at the appointed time, it shall unlock and my will shall consume Congress. My will shall consume your capitals, my will shall consume Albany and New York City, for there shall be multiple changing of the guards in New York, and California will soon follow.##

***Thus says the Lord, Congress shall digress, says the Lord. Those in Congress who have wickedly taken and stolen money to feed the altars in Ukraine, to continue to flood gangs and wicked men from the Middle East across your borders, you shall be judged in this hour, says the Lord. You have been weighed and found wanting. I gave you time. I gave you mercy. You wicked servant, you sentenced the people of the nation. You persecuted my children, my children, and you greedily, as Eli’s son stole from the pot, to fatten yourselves. Your offices and tables shall be turned over and your legacy shall be shame, for you buckled to kicking donkeys and corrupted men across the oceans. You bowed to them over me and my will, says the Lord. You took the eagle and you shackled it to lobbyists and the agenda of perversion and lust of the flesh and Hindu gods and Muslim imams. You shackled the eagle to an abyss of darkness. You sold your own people into slavery.##

***Thus says the Lord, I have ordered this day, and judged righteously from my throne, that those shackles must be cut as the nation humbles itself; and the men that did this, let those chains backlash and hit them and cause them to stumble and fall before the people as their positions are publicly torn down and their seats are overturned to find the wires that were received and treason that took place. And all to save face, you threaten those in Congress standing for truth and righteousness and the interest of the people of America. You threaten them and abused your seat, for such, I shall uphold the Speaker of the House in this hour if he fully submits to my purpose and continues to be a standard that the enemy cannot flood through. I shall uphold such men before the people that I may be glorified and I will bring low their counterparts and those who attempted the art of the deal, but miserably failed; for their feet were on sand and it shall be washed away now by my spirit of righteousness and justice.##

***The joy of the Lord has entered the halls of Congress. It has entered the White House. It has entered Texas, it has entered New York, it has entered Arizona, it has entered Michigan, it has entered California, it has entered Ohio and justice shall be served as a portion to each for overextending their greedy reach to steal true justice and deliverance from the people. For the pit they dug for my children, for America, for Canada, for France, they shall now fall into themselves and receive their portion in full. Cleve onto me, my children. Harken unto my voice, not the noise of media entities and rabbit holes. Here my voice. My sheep know my voice, and as strangers, they will not follow. My voice shall lead you through the narrow gate of deliverance, redemption and victory.##

***After Purim, a full shift shall begin and my children who have been anointed and appointed shall walk through the doors I have opened for them and be repositioned, relocated, and brought forth to be the powerful voices of truth to leadership. The nations and the church, for that lost ram will come into order and be subdued. Around the time of Purim, there shall be a collapse of a very large church entity. It shall come, for they allowed the serpents in to bite the people, to bite and poison the sheep, and the sheep will flood to find a safer pasture and their shepherd has become one with the predators. This shall and will be revealed. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways. acknowledge him and he will make your path straight.##

***In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God, and the word became flesh; my son, Yeshua, and dwelt among you. Call on his name in this hour, lift up into the atmosphere, and watch the changes for my glory that come forth. Thus says the Lord of Hosts, the King of Glory, I AM. There is no other.##

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