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SG Anon LIVE! Plandemic #2. McConnell Freezes Again. B2T Show Aug 30, 2023

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We start showing another video of Mitch McConnell freezing on camera.

Looks like the Deep State is doing all it can to keep their Uni-party criminals in office despite their age and health.

Is the Lord judging them and showing the world who these puppets really are?

Rick also shows how Trump posted many videos fighting this information war.

Trump is calling for Republicans at the state level to start holding the real criminals to account using the tactics that the Deep State is using.

Rick then reads the latest Julie Green prophetic word that fortells the downfall of the globalist media:

“More in the media will leave their positions because they will not be able to take the lies anymore. There will be a mass exodus of reporters leaving your mainstream media along with a great upset that will cause many to question if any of what the media is saying has ever been the truth.”

Also the Kamala and the Biden will go down:

“They’re about to give up Kamala. A whistleblower is about to expose her on who she really is and how she got to be where she is now. A great upset in the Democratic Party is about to take place. The fall of the Biden, the fall of Kamala, and the ones they will try to replace them with, it’s still not enough to save this party and the establishment from the ultimate fail.”

Then SG Anon comes in and exposes the globalists plans for Plandemic #2.

However, SG and myself both believe that our unity and non-compliance will cause this to fail.

SG Anon discusses many topics including the Trump indictments and the mug shot and how this will create even more of an awakening.

He mentions how Q talked about it not being Republicans vs. Democrats.  He feels the world is waking up to this now.

The globalist Uniparty is being exposed.

SG also discusses the number 1 song in the country by Oliver Anthony “Rich Men North of Richmond” and its affect on the awakening.

SG discusses the spiritual war and the importance of focusing on the Lord.

He also gives his opinion on timing and his belief that we will not have a traditional election in Nov 2024.

Backstagers ask SG questions about Australia and astronomy.

Rick shows a picture of SG Anon in person being interviewed.

We pray for SG and his request for clarity from the Lord on what and how he communicates truth.

We then worship to several praise videos before going backstage for a Bible Study with Gus.

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