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Sentencing Delayed! Hillary/Barrack Ticket? C.R. Stewart LIVE. B2T Show July 02, 2024

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Judge Merchan has delayed Trump’s sentencing in Manhattan ‘Hush Money’ case.

Mike Davis says, ‘This case is toast.’

Judge Merchan has vacated the July 11, 2024, sentencing until September 18, 2024.

‘No white knight’: Jack Smith’s record rife with mistrials, overturned convictions, judicial rebukes.

Rick says this case is likely to be pushed off until after the election.

In a Trump’s Truth, he posts ‘Total Exoneration!’ and talks about the Supreme Court’s decision that ends Biden’s witch hunts.

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Democrat Media aren’t upset Biden is senile, they’re mad they can’t hide it anymore.

This article says, ‘The only reason anyone ever believed Biden was up to the job is that they were lied to.’

An X post from JuliansRum says a Hillary/Barrack ticket replacing Biden is starting to seem more likely in his brain.

Rick shows a post from Kevin Sorbo talking about things found at Democrat houses with nothing being done to them and President Trump gets raided.  Rick says this shows the 2-tiered justice system we have.

USA Today poll: 41% of Democrats want Joe Biden to quit.

This poll found President Trump won the exchange 5 to 1 and only 28% of Biden supporters said he won.

Rick says these people are totally snowed.

Veteran reporter reveals how many mental health incidents Biden suffered over the past 18 months.

This article has a 4-minute clip discussing the incidents.

A linked post in the article quotes Carl Bernstein.  Multiple sources tell him that there have been at least 15 occasions in the last year and a half  “where the president has appeared like he did at the horror show (his debate performance).”

Elon Musk post tags a New York Times article: The First amendment is out of control.  Elon says they are attacking ‘your’ freedom of speech!

SGAnon tags the same article and says, “Smell the terror.”

Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani disbarred following criminal indictments.

Biden campaign official accuses media of ‘Election Interference’ in Biden debate coverage.

President Trump has another Truth talking about Biden’s debate performance.

Rick shows 2 Trump campaign clips President Trump has on his Truth Social account.

In a CNN clip, the anchors are throwing Biden under the bus while discussing the Supreme Court’s immunity decision.

C.R. Stewart joins Rick for an interview.

Chad is the author of Britfield.  This is a novel adventure series.  He has 7 books in the series.

They have a theater series and is planning motion pictures.

Rick and Chad discuss his history and the book series and Chad’s future plans.

After Chad leaves, Rick does a small Bible study.

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