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Schiff Pay for Play. Deep State Panic. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Sep 25, 2023

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Adam Schiff is being exposed now by a Leftist publication, Political, for allowing funding to go to several companies that directly supported his campaign.

Schiff is running for a Senate seat in 2024.

Rick discusses the many things that Schiff will likely go down for that will result in treason according to Q drops and many prophetic words that have been reported.

Rick brings on Kirk Elliott live who discusses the number of Bank branches closed and the huge losses banks are experiencing.

It’s time to make sure everyone is protected from potential bank failures.

Rick reviews other news around the Trump indictments and more Brandonomics that are affecting the economy.

We review new lows for Biden’s popularity and more evidence the elites are planning to switch out the administration.

Rick discusses Russell Brand and how the left is using public smears and putting pressure on companies to stop advertising.

This smear campaign resulted in YouTube demonetizing Russell and several companies including Burger King withholding funding on Rumble.

Rick then reads the latest prophetic word from Julie Green that says we need to keep speaking life:

“You keep saying now, and now will show up. Say it over and over and over and over again. It is like hitting a rock over and over again. It will break and destroy that rock.”

Rick also reviews several of his prophetic words that also discuss our need to use our words and authority:

“Use your words to make this happen.  Use your words to speak my words you find in the written scriptures and those I give you to say in your time alone with me.  The enemy has to obey your words that you speak from me to him.  So tell him to bow.  Tell him to depart.  Speak life.  Speak life to all parts of your life.”

We then study  Hebrews Chapter 1 that clearly tells us our primary communication with the Lord is no longer prophets in this new covenant, but is with the son.

The son is the word of God, so we need to be in the word and learning from the word in order to be part of the Remnant at this time.

The scriptures also clearly show that Christ is above the Angels.

We then praise and worship the Lord in PraiseNPrayer.  Several powerful prayers are given and Rick reads Charlette’s decrees based on a psalm.

We also hear a powerful praise report near the end of the broadcast!

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