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Plandemic #2. God Wants to Speak to You? Grisham LIVE. B2T Show Sep 6, 2023

Show Notes

It’s very clear the globalists are planning the next plandemic by trying to put the public in fear.

It appears they have the COVID variant angle and also are preparing for the climate emergency approach as well.

Fox New (the RINOs of MSM) posts an article where Moderna has a new vaccine that offers strong protection from new variants.

Another mRNA clot shot that destroys your immune system.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Even Fauci is back on CNN telling people that some studies support that masks help, which is a fabrication.

Rick plays a video of Fauci lying by saying in 2 separate clips in 2022 that he never recommended locking down the country, but a 3rd clip from 2020 shows him saying that he had to tell the President that we needed to lock down the country.

Fauci cannot keep his story straight as he is a sold-out globalist.  His job is to create fear at the right time.

That time happens to be right before Presidential elections!

Trump has a video on Truth Social saying he, once President, will take federal funding away from any school, institution, airline or public transportation that imposes mask mandates or vaccine mandates.

We all need confirm that WE WILL NOT COMPLY.  We need to take the lockdown the county for a virus approach off the table for the enemy.

Just like with Bud Light, we can punish every company and institution that tries to impose these mandates.

To understand the truth and help spread the truth, Rick points to the Plandemic latest documentary here:

Rick also discusses his story of how he started hearing from God directly back in June.

He recommends reading his blog with the story and links to the book that inspired him here:

Rick reviews other news around Biden walking off stage early and stating that he will start wearing a mask indoors.

We also look into the Soros funding sources for Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy.

After reviewing other news, Marty Grisham comes on LIVE.

Rick gets Marty’s perspective on hearing from God, on the power of the Holy Spirit and many other topics.

We review upcoming events for Loudmouth Prayer including the next Tulsa Healing Revivals.

Marty gets direct live words from the Lord around being available for the Lord and later in the broadcast for Australia.

We also get his take on Trump, the coming shutdowns and more!

After we pray for Marty, we go backstage for more Q&A with Marty and a Bible Study with Gus.

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