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Obama Money Trail to Biden Crime Family. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Aug 14, 2023

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Obama’s reputation is taking a hard hit from multiple directions from his auto-biographer, new connections to Biden and knowledge of Biden’s actions.

The latest prophetic word from Julie Green hit’s Obama hard: 

“Barack Obama is going to be in your news more and more; connections to the Biden crime family. They will find out who was really in charge and it wasn’t the Biden. Many secrets have been hidden to protect Barack because the globalists still want him to lead their one world government. But secrets will be uncovered that they didn’t count on. Big mistakes have been made by the Biden and Barack while they were president and vice president…

…A great money trail will show you where all the money has been coming from no matter how hard they tried to hide that he has been in control and the Biden has been his puppet all along. Well, the day is coming where this puppet show is about to end.”

Rick shows a lead from Georgia that shows Trump will be indicted for RICO and a total of 13 felonies.

These are all fabricated obviously and were delayed for maximum impact to stop him from his campaign.

They are looking to televise this and mug shot him as well.  All this will just galvanize his base even more.

Kirk Elliott comes on the show and gives us an update including the news that the infamous Michael Burry has shorted the S&P 500 and the NASDAQ for $1.6B!

The book and movie “The Big Short” was a true story about Burry and he has been able to predict downturns very effectively.

Most shorts are 30-60-90 day shorts.  So could the big crash be imminent in the next few months?

Rick covers other breaking news around Hawaii, Biden and other key events.

Then Rick teaches on Revelation 14 and who the 144,000 are, how this chapter relates to other Biblical books and other parts of revelation, and how the Angels sickels relate to the Biblical feasts and the associated wheat and grape harvest.

We then go to PraiseNPrayer where we worship to 3 songs with the new wide screen video that will be standard going forwad.

Rick shows off the new Zoom ISO capabilities that allows him to place worshipers that are backstage around the corners of the video to preserve the beautiful video in the center.

We also hear some awesome praise reports and pray for multiple people and for the unsaved in the nation.

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