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Nikki Losing to “None of the Above.” Liz Cheney Lawsuit. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Feb 1, 2024

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This evening we start our show with Liz Cheney vs Stefan Passantino: The Jan 6 Committee Fraud.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that U.S. Rep Liz Cheney was dishonest, manipulative, and destructive while serving on the Jan 6 Committee.  This is an opinion article by Newt Gingrich.  Rick says, “She’s an enemy of the state, for sure.”  A lawsuit filed by my friend and long-time attorney Stefan Passantino on December 20 lays it out, says Gingrich.

We have some wonderful guests lined up in February – Don’t Miss Them

February 6th – Trey Smith of God in a Nutshell

February 7th – Attorney Tom Renz

February 13th – Dr. Bryan Ardis

February 14th – Manuel Johnson

February 20th – SG Anon

In our ‘Trump’s Truth’ segment, we see Elis Stefanik posting ‘This is a LIE.  Joe Biden took 94 executive actions in his first 100 days to create the Biden Border Crisis. He has done NOTHING to stop this crisis.  Rick says, “they have gotten rid of all the orders President Trump put in place and reinstituted the Obama policies.  Now they are saying they need legislation to do anything.  This will codify the open border.”  President Trump posts the latest poll – President Trump leads Crooked Joe Biden in Every Swing State!!!  In another Truth, Nikki Haley is losing to ‘None of the Above’ in Nevada.  Rick gives some information about Nevada voting.  In Nevada, they have a Primary and a Caucus.  They only allow you to be in one or the other, but the only one you get delegates in is the Caucus.  Nikki went on the Primary so the fake news could say she won Nevada but she is losing by almost 20 points behind the ‘None of the Above’ category.  Nikki Haley is the only one on the ballot. You can choose Haley or none of the above and she’s losing.

The Take Back our Border convoy is well under way and is in Texas.  They will be in Eagle Pass tomorrow, February 2nd for a big celebration at Cornerstone Childrens Ranch.  Rick says, “Keep your heads on a swivel because they could try something but this is very well put together.”  Go to their website for more information.

Rick reviews several other articles including an article about some Democrats voting with Republicans to pass a bill to deport illegal immigrants who committed DUIs.  Rick also shows a post on Telegram from Amir with Beyond Israel about American pressure increasing as well as an article about Police in sanctuary cities seeing a significant increase in crimes tied to illegal aliens released by Biden.

Police arrest 539 people in large-scale sex trafficking sting in California.  We pray every Tuesday and Thursday for the people, including children, caught in trafficking.  Rick says, “This is awesome when we see some of these things happening.”  Police arrested 40 suspected “sex traffickers or exploiters” and 271 suspected “sex buyers,” according to the report.  The LA County sheriff said 54 adults and 11 children, including a 14 year old girl, according to the report.

Rick then goes into the words he has been given in “Rick’s alone time with God” segment before starting a Bible study in Ephesians 4 while also having PraiseNPrayer with our beautiful music that has been overlayed with scripture for each song.

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