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Nikki as Democrat Nominee? Carroll to Sue Trump Again. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Feb 20, 2024

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Nikki is now getting donations from Deep State former intelligence agents and from Democrats.

Since Joe is being cast aside and Michelle Obama won’t run and other candidates don’t look good in private polling, what now?

Could the Globalist force the Democrats to have Nikki Haley as their Nominee?  Rick thinks so.  What do you think?

Rick reports on 70 of the largest US Cities on the verge of bankruptcy and Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act actually increased sales of batteries from China by 500%.

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The ruling against Trump in New York is going to cost them!

Soon New York is about to have a major supply chain issue as truckers say they will not deliver there and many investors say they won’t put any money in any company from New York.

Trump puts out “Truths” on many articles condemning the ruling and even pointing out the 18th amendment about excessive fines and bail.

Jack Smith has one week to reply to the Supreme Court over Presidential Immunity that could affect this case and potentially have ramifications after Trump regains power.

Pelosi continues to push the Deep State Narrative that Putin is evil incarnate and owns Trump despite Putin saying he likes Biden because he is more predictable.

Transmission and shedding is real.  Protect your heart with Cardio Miracle recommended by many natural doctors and experts on the jabs:

When there is an urban war in a civilian population, historically 9 civilians will die for every 1 soldier.

Even if we use the highly inflated number put out by Hamas, the Gaza war is only 2 civilians for every 1 Hamas terrorist.

Israel is not involved in a genocide as they are helping all civilians in hospitals and when they find them. Unlike Hamas how killed or kidnapped every person they could find and even killed nearly every pet they found.

The French newspaper “Liberacion” reported that the Hezbollah has a more sophisticated network of secret tunnels than those set up by Hamas in Gaza.

Rick reads a word he received from the Rick’s Alone Time with God blog that tells us God’s love will shine through us!

We then study a few paragraphs in Philippians Chapter 2 on being “lights in the world” before worshipping and praising the Lord for over an hour with PraisNPrayer.

We then go Backstage for Project Children Rescue where we pray for the children and blow the shofars.

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