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New Election Fraud Evidence. 500+ Banks to Fail? PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Mar 18, 2024

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Juan O’Savin discussed the momentum change starting on Valentine’s Day 2024.

Phase I was a report that came out showing Obama/Brenan targeted 26 people from Trump’s campaign to create the Russia Hoax.

Phase II happened on Friday, March 15, Kari Lake and Mark Fitchem filed appeals to the Supreme Court that show new election fraud evidence.

Although the media is downplaying it, significant new evidence is presented in 3 areas and #3 could be massive:

  • Discovery that Maricopa County “flagrantly violated state law for electronic voting systems,”
  • “Using altered software not certified for use in Arizona,” and “actively misrepresented and concealed those violations.”
  • ** Dominion Voting Systems, Inc., systems used in Maricopa and almost thirty states have a built-in security breach enabling malicious actors to take control of elections, likely without detection.”

This evidence is devastating, but the globalist will exercise all it’s power to make sure the actual evidence is not reviewed by the Supreme Court.

This is one area where intercessory prayer could be effective as #3 above affects over 30 states!

Rick also discussed the other 50+ countries that use these “selection” machines and he suggests watching the movie “Let My People Go”

Watch the movie for free here:

A top real estate CEO predicts over 500 banks will close in the next two years primarily due to the commercial real-estate market.

Also, Bank profits were down 44%.  When you combine this with the FED struggles and new requirements for fractional reserves, this could be the end of the Babylonian banking system.

Protect yourself from this risk with a precious metals strategy.

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Rick covers other news around Trump’s indictments and how Trump’s lawyers are saying that can’t even find a way to post such a large bond of 400+ million.

Rick believes those who continue to attack God’s anointed will continue to find themselves in deep trouble, just like Fani and her boyfriend.

We cove how Liz Cheney and the J6 Committee may be called into testify for withholding key evidence and even destroying evidence.

It’s all backfiring on them.

Rick also covers how the globalists and Obama are trying to get rid of Biden, but Biden and his team continue to fight them.  This is what God does to our enemies by getting them to fight each other!

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