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Mockingbird Media Outed on Fox! Meri Crouley LIVE. B2T Show Mar 27, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

Rick starts the show by talking about the CIA, the Mockingbird Media, and their 4 am talking points.

Rick shows a post from President Trump that shows a video clip on the Jesse Waters show.

The caption on President Trumps Truth says, “Deep State Opener, Medial cooking up more hoaxes, Limbaugh warned us.”

Jesse Waters video is captioned, “CIA’s plan to bait journalists exposed.”  Jesse uses a clip from a video in 1975 of a court hearing about this plan.  He also says the plan continues.

The video goes on to show a compilation of clips saying, ‘There is no deep state’

Gannett and McClatchy to drop The Associated Press.  What does that mean?

Two of the largest US newspaper chains will stop using content from one of the largest global wire services – a stunning development in news media.

In a post from Praying Medic, he shows a pic of Walter Cronkite with the words “You are the news now.”

Rick says, “You are the digital soldiers now, when you share truth and content.  You are overwhelming the Mockingbird Media.”

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Trump continues unstoppable momentum with winds in Ohio, Florida, and Illinois GOP Primaries.

Appeals court puts controversial Texas immigration law back on hold.

Rick then goes into Trump’s Truths where President Trump is talking about the immigration law.

President Trump talks about the US Supreme Court ruling on the Texas immigration law, in a 6-3 decision, they ruled that Texas can arrest and return illegal immigrants.

There is a discrepancy about this because the appeals court and the Supreme Court gave decisions around the same time.

Rick then shows a post from Political Polls about a new general election poll that has President Trump 8 points over Biden and 16 points over Biden with Independent voters.

Trump also posted an article about the possibility of using the 8th Amendment stating that excessive fines are unconstitutional.

In another Truth, President Trump posts a video of Biden being led into a door by a man but in the bottom, there is a clip of Biden saying “Watch me.  Honest to God, that’s all I think.  Watch me.”  He is referring to his fitness for office.

Former NBC Executive ‘creep’ roasted after attacking Barron Trump.

Mike Sington gets roasted by several people after posting that Barron Trump turns 18 today.  He’s fair game now.  People are telling him Barron deserves to be left alone.

In an OAN article, President Trump says He couldn’t care less that Mike Pence isn’t endorsing him for President.

Fulton County Judge certifies order to allow Willis and Wade to immediately appeal the ruling that required Wade to step down.

After a few more articles, Meri Crouley joins Rick for an update about her ventures.

Meri is launching Destiny Studios to rival Disney.

Rick shows her trailer about Destiny which has information about the studio and films that are being worked on.

Meri has an offer for people to join in this venture to help bring child friendly films back to the family.

Her animator explains his experience and a movie he has been working on.

Check out Meri’s website for more information on this exciting opportunity.

Meri is able to take a little time to prophecy over the ministry and a couple of Backstage people but gives a word to all participants and to Rick and B2T specifically.

After Meri leaves, all the Backstagers go into the Wednesday Night Bible Study with Gus.

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