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McConnell’s Full Exposure! Trump’s ICE Director Tom Homan LIVE. B2T Show Aug 29, 2023

Show Notes

Mitch McConnel is even being called out by leftist media as attempting the thwart Trump.

Kari Lake is calling Mitch out for his health issues and Julie Green’s latest prophetic word says he is going to be exposed:

“Someone on the right is about to reveal what side they’re actually on, and this person will surprise many on which side they have chosen. Another whistleblower is about to come forward with proof …. Coverup after coverup will be exposed. A raid is about to take place that will prove more of this is true. Mitch McConnell is about to be exposed in a major way.”

The prophetic word also discusses Pelosi and the J6 False Flag:

“Another whistleblower will come forward with proof on how Nancy Pelosi and the establishment set up January 6th… a computer is about to surface to show the plot to take down the president, to blame him for what they had caused that day; irrefutable proof that will shred the lie of that day of January 2021.”

Rick then brings on Tom Homan, Trump’s Director of ICE (Immigration Control Enforcement).

Tom tells his story of growing up as a NYC cop and how he moved up in the ICE organization and had retired after nearly 40 years of carrying a badge.

He took a job making 3X what he was making, but after retiring, he gets a call before John Kelly signed the paperwork on his retirement.

A tough decision as he wife did not like Trump.  But after a weekend of discussion Tom ended up with Trump on Airforce One.

Listen to this episode to learn how his wife had a change of heart after seeing Trump in action.

Tom discusses the huge fiasco at the border.  He said even Clinton and Obama wanted to secure the border.  Not like Trump, but they supported ICE.

But with Biden, everything Trump did correct, Biden reversed.

Tom gives detailed statistics of the evil these policies have on drugs, rape, sex trafficking and more.  Tom recounts several stories that changed his life.

This included him holding a dead 5-year old that suffocated in the back of a truck with his father holding him.

He also recounts how they found and prosecuted the perpetrators.

Tom discusses his friendship with one of his agents who barely survived an ambush by the Cartel and how they are now working together to fight for a secure border.

Tom points us to as well as as key sites to keep up to date.

We learn about a meeting with Trump 6 months ago and what Tom told Trump that surprised Trump.

We pray for Tom and lift up the “men in green” who Tom requested we pray for.

Then we go backstage to pray for Project Children Rescue and Impactor for Truth Training.

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