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Juan O’Savin LIVE. The Biblical Israel? Elon: Mind Virus. B2T Show Nov 1, 2023

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Juan joins us live about an hour into the broadcast.

We start with Elon Musk telling Joe Rogan the reason he purchased Twitter was because it was being used as a “Mind Virus” on all of earth to destroy civilization.

Elon said that could easily be shown by seeing the real live zombie apocalypse in downtown San Francisco.

Elon also called out George Soros and all his initiatives that is causing the fall of civilization.

Rick reviews some of the horrific demon-possessed torture that took place on 10-7 and how Hamas leaders threaten to continue 10-7 events until Israel is annihilated.

It seems that the Balfour Resolution has expired and SG Anon feels this is significant as now Israel moves back into the British type government, so when we topple the cabal system it will include Israel.

Only 3.5% of people in the US received the last booster and Pfizer is not losing money and forced to execute layoffs.

In addition, new findings are showing Pfizer knew about the lack of effectiveness and the dangers of the vaccines well before they rolled them out.

New lawsuits are being filed that attack in areas outside of their supposed immunity.

Rick recommends Dinesh’s latest move “Police State” that is now available for viewing.

We then move to the latest Julie Green prophetic word that the Cabal is trying to get to WWIII:

“I told you a fall is coming, a great fall. Expect this fall. A fall of the globalists, a fall of the swamp, a fall of the power that they have had. They’re about to get louder on their way out. They will start to shout. They will cause chaos in your streets even greater than you see, and they are also trying to cause a great uncertainty in the economy, in the world, because of war. They want, and I’ve told you this before, World War III.”

As Juan was behind schedule so Rick reads 3 of the words he received in the “Rick’s Alone Time with God” blog that tells us how we can be used in a mighty way by the Lord:

“For this to be effective I need my word to be in your heart.  Study my word and come to me with a clean heart, then listen to me.  I can do much with a renewed mind and a grateful heart.  Submit to me fully my children.  Submit and listen and then obey what I tell you.  It’s time for my army to move to my instruction which will be much more detailed than you are used to.”

While waiting for Juan we worship to Open the Eyes of my heart worship video.

Then Juan comes on and discusses the Biblical history of Israel and how the same corruption in the US is also in Israel.

However, Juan thinks that the cabal purposely created Israel for purposeful conflict, but that not all the people there are bad on the Israel or Palestinians side.

Juan goes into detail on the Masonic background in DC and England and how their plan is to bring in the British rule over Israel with Prince William.

Juan also details out the massive amount of terrorists we have in the Unitied States and discussed the very likely scenario of mass chaos here in the states.

He implores everyone to get close to the Lord and prepare.

Juan prays for us all and then we pray for Juan.

Rick and Gus discuss how vital it is to depend on the Lord and live by faith and not site, by faith and not fear.

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