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Juan O’Savin LIVE. Another Murder by an Illegal. B2T Show Jun 18, 2024

Show Notes

Juan O’Savin comes on live and tells us that the near-death experience will be heart-stopping!

In the first ½ hour, Rick reviews key news around the plan to overwhelm the US with illegal immigrants.

Another illegal alien who was wanted for murder in his own country was arrested for the murder of a mother of 5 in Maryland.

We also see the clear plan of the globalists is to get illegals to vote.

The Border EO by Biden actually facilitates the invasion of illegals as shown by the continued facilitation of massive daily illegals crossing.

Then another EO by Biden offers amnesty to potentially millions more which Rick believes will incent illegals to vote in November for Biden illegally.

This is purposeful treason and we review Trump Truths that addresses this desperation of Biden to bring in the illegal vote.

The New York Court of Appeals rejects Trump’s request to life the non-constitutional gag order.  This once again demonstrates the captured Judicial System.

Rick review other recent news before Juan joins.

Juan discusses that the heart-stopping near-death exercise is weeks or months away and not years.

He asks for prayer later in the discussion for key events happening this Friday, June 21, 2024 which is the longest day of the year.

He feels this is an Ester type moment and court cases behind the scenes as well as with legal cases around Tina Peters and a supreme court emergency brief filed by Treniss Evans against the New York judge Merchan and AG Bragg.

Juan is in Alaska off a beautiful lake and talks to us how things will escalate in the near-term and we need to be close to the Lord.

He explains how Chief Justice Roberts has asked fencing to be put up around the Supreme Court which has not been done since right before Roe vs. Wade decision was made.

He speculates that major decisions that will create a constitutional crisis are about to be made.  Potentially around election fraud with the Brunson case of other key areas.

Juan thinks that the Deep State will respond with creating great chaos.  Not just 1 or 2 things but 100s of things including trying to create a nuclear war.

Rick discusses Mathew 6:33 and the importance of seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness during this time.  Depending on the Lord is vital during this time vs. depending on Trump and the White Hats.

Rick describes what the Lord has been discussing with him about total chaos is approaching us that will not only affect the entire country, but every one of our personal lives.

It’s now time to get closer to the Lord than ever.

Juan comes back to election fraud over and over like his merchandise says “2020 is not over yet”

Since the 2020 election was clearly stolen, Juan understands that arrests for this treason could not be made unless we had undeniable evidence.  He feels we have than now.

Actual people who committed the crimes are coming forward and confessing how they actually controlled the 2020 election.

Once this evidence is acted upon, the Deep State globalists will purposely create crisis after crisis in an attempt to distract us away from their crimes.

Disruptions to our entire life will likely happen, including the financial system.

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Juan will also be Zooming in next Friday at the Jun 28-29 event coming up in San Deigo for Open the Heavens!

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We end with prayer from Juan and for Juan and Juan comes back with the importance of using our authority to pray frequently during these times and do not underestimate the power of prayer.

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