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Iran General Killed in Syria. Trump Miracle. PraisenPrayer! B2T Show Apr 1, 2024

Show Notes

Let’s dig into the News…

Utah formally empowers state treasurer to protect state funds with gold and silver.

Rick says this is states trying to diversify to protect against inflation, but some states are using gold and silver to create their own currency.

Rick recommends getting a consultation with Kirk Elliott to protect your assets.

Iran’s top commander in Syria killed in airstrike; Tehran blames Israel and vows revenge.

Strike levels building in Iran embassy compound, killing Mohammad Rez Zehedi, IRGC Quad Forces’ Syria-Lebanon chief; deputy also reported killed; Iranian FM says Israel responsible.

Rick says this man was one of the most important people in the funding of the proxy terrorists all around.

Rick shows a couple of Telegram post from Amir Tsarfati from Beyond Israel about this incident showing his perspective on the attack.

In the Trump’s Truth section, we see President Trump saying Happy Easter to all and includes all the crooked and corrupt people that are attacking him.

President Trump also posts a link to a Gateway Pundit article from Wayne Root.  “Do you believe in Miracles?”  Something Supernatural is happening with President Rump.  We are all witnessing “The Trump Miracle.”

Rick reads the entire article.  It explains why and details how Wayne Root believes Trump is a supernatural, miracle blessed by the hand of God.

Marc Elias is scare…and he should be.  The lawfare being used to try to stop President Rump is failing.

This man is the attorney for Obama and Clinton.  The article has a post about when Trump could stand trial.

White House pushed Trans Day messaging on English accounts, but not to Spanish speakers.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good blasted for coming to DC ‘to be famous’

Putin calls up 150,000 for Military service.  Putin has issued a directive for the regular spring conscription, ordering 150,000 citizens into military service.

Rick says Putin is doing some really good thing, but he supports Iran and the leadership of Iran is completely evil and an enemy of Israel.

Speaker Johnson to meet Rep. Greene following motion to vacate.

“Marjorie’s a friend.  She’s very frustrated about, for example, the last appropriations bills.  Guess what? So am I.” said Mr. Johnson.

U.S. Navy Submarine first in world fitted with silent caterpillar drive.

American submarines will further extend their advantage in the undersea domain.  In the first of a kind, the US Navy has fitted a new form of propulsion, magnetohydrodynamic drive.  This promises to make the sub virtually undetectable.  It is considered the holy grail of naval warfare.

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Rick then goes into a Bible study on Luke 4.

After the Bible study, the Hearing from God series begins.

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