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Hunter Biden to Testify to Congress. Robby Cummings LIVE. B2T Show Nov 28, 2023

Show Notes

We start our show out with Breaking News about Hunter Biden agreeing to testify to the House Oversight Committee. He was subpoenaed by the committee in November, and they’ve actually scheduled this now for December 13th.  The amount of reveals on January 6th tapes, going on in the election fraud, all the Pfizer and Moderna knowingly hiding information from the public, the whole World Health Organization, the whole medical cartel being exposed. It has the deep state in panic. And another one; The whole Biden crime family being exposed is really becoming pretty significant as well. And you’ll see this article here gets into quite a bit.

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We’ve talked about the Red Cross over these last six years, guys, and it’s really exposure. It’s just a globalist machine that does all kinds of nefarious stuff for the globalist in war-torn countries.  So basically, the Red Cross parades for two and a half miles, picking up the hostages and delivering them to the Israelis, right? And that’s all they’ve done. But while they were in captivity, they didn’t help. And even after captivity, they didn’t help. The whole point is we know, based on looking at the past. The Red Cross is not a place you want to give your money. There are many, many Christian organizations that actually help people.

Suit by Republican challenger to keep Trump off the ballot in Rhode Island. Dismissed. So, what comes next? Almost every state is trying some type of initiative to try to take Trump off the ballot because they know they can’t beat him at the ballot box. And so, now without a pandemic, right? How are they going to get him? If they can’t get him off the ballot and they can’t have a pandemic for all these mail-in ballots, how are they going to keep him out? And that’s what they’ll continue to try to do everything. They’re throwing everything at the wall right now.

Here’s an Exclusive heritage identified documents that could speed up the investigation into Biden’s alias email accounts. So, we know that Biden had all these aliases. This could lead to the aliases of Hillary Clinton, the aliases of Obama, right? This is why they’re panicking because everything’s coming close to them, right? All the J6 stuff that’s going to show Nancy Pelosi and her coordinated attack with a false flag. That’s going to happen, right? It’s really intriguing to see what’s happening here. Getting to the truth of Joe Biden’s use of multiple alias email accounts while he was a vice president could take years if Congress waits on the U.S. National Archives and the record administrations to release the relevant records it is requesting. However, the Heritage Foundation Oversight Project has identified what could be a relatively small cache of documents that could help Congress get to the heart of the issue in just a matter of months. See, this is God working in his timing. They can try all this stuff. We want it to happen faster. And God knows exactly what he’s doing here as he is orchestrating, Rick believes, the downfall of this elite cabal of globalists.

Alexander Soros ridiculed for claiming progressive cities are actually safer. Can you imagine somebody saying that, that progressive cities are actually safer than red cities? Okay, that’s what he was trying to do. So this is Soros’ son who’s taken over now and probably even worsened his dad in many ways as far as his left as he’s become. But as you know, his dad… literally destroyed countries through currency manipulation and destroyed countries, right? And now he’s trying to do that same thing to the United States. That’s why they’re printing so much money. And that’s why they are literally trying to destroy America because they can’t have a new, a one world government, a one world order, right?

Next is an interesting article. So, we know we had the Twitter files, and then we had the Facebook files, but here this is Elon saying, wow, this is wild. It’s the CITL files. Many people insist that the governments aren’t involved in censorship, but they are. And now a whistleblower has come forward with an explosive new trove of documents rivaling or exceeding the Twitter files or Facebook files. All these documents showing how government organizations were put in place to try to get Trump out of office

There’s a new AI. It’s a chat GPT and others called GROK. This is in beta right now where we’re and it’s and it’s really blunt and pro free speech. And that’s a new thing that’s coming out from Elon. So even though. I know, Clay Clark says everything Elon does is evil, this is showing that he’s countering, what I believe is massively evil. You go use chat GPT and try to say “Hey, write this article for me.” It’s all 100% propaganda mainstream media crap. So to me, chat DP is almost completely worthless from an AI perspective. Again, I like to use technology for good versus bad. And so, I think that Elon’s trying to do that with Grok. We’ll see if that is the case.

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Rick then introduces Robby Cummings.  With an overwhelmed sense of adoration, Robbie will bring into the presence of the Father, into the presence of the Father, no question. Healing, restoration, peace, joy flow freely. For believers with the interest to hear, Robbie ignites passion in the secret place of the Most High, God. For those whose hearts may have grown cold or distant, Robbie’s voice rings with a holy call of the Spirit, crying out, Come back home. Robbie and his band minister to God’s people through the inspirational song, inspirational spontaneity, and the spoken word. Robbie’s Native American ancestry was also impacted his music and ministry.

Rick asks Robby how he woke up to the globalist trying to destroy the planet.  Robby says “I guess if I just say the waking up thing, that kind of happened all at once, like I started coming into my Native American heritage, and also at the same time learning about my Jewish roots, and just the Hebraic roots movement, and that all kind of just slid me into just wanting to know truth and you start digging and then in the early 2000s, the Internet starts catching on. You start learning how to dig and learn quickly. And now we have, I guess we’re in this information age where we can figure things out for ourselves. And that’s kind of what led me to just not trust the government anymore.

Rick and Robby talk about life and how Robby learned things.  Then, Robby plays some very beautiful, moving music.  He is a very anointed person.  Must hear!!!

We then move on to PCR and pray for the children.

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November 28, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word (Highlighting by B2T)


***A disarming has begun. My children, I say, a disarming of your enemies has begun. Watch. Watch, I say. Watch this day. Watch as they grow in confusion. Watch as they grow in fear. Watch as they grow against each other, as they fall apart. Watch as they tear each other apart. Watch, I say. Watch the fall, a great fall. A great fall has begun. The fall of the terrorists they have had, the fall of the territories they have had, the fall of the control they have had, the fall of these things they have done. The fall, my children, is a great fall.##

***All the chants, all the spells, all the things that they have done, all the sacrifices they have made against this nation, many sacrifices they have made. Yes, many sacrifices they have made. Many people have played into the evil, into the destruction of this nation. But I say this day, that death is growing in their camps, not just a death of some people, but a death of their plans, a death of their chokehold, a death of their chains and their bondage; a great and mighty death. You will see a death of the world agencies, the one world corporations, the world elites. Yes, those men that thought they had control over my world, watch what happens to them. Watch what happens to all of their corporations, their businesses, all their money. Watch what happens to all the ones that have been used as their puppets. Watch.##

***The shaking is growing. The shaking is growing in intensity. I say, the shaking is growing, my children, because walls have come down. Yes, a great barrier; walls as thick as they were, as dominant as they were, as solid as they may have seemed to your enemies, they hid behind these walls of protection, their walls of money, their walls of their intelligence, their walls of their control and their mind games, their walls of their sacrifices, the walls they have hid behind, all the doors they hid behind to make these plans against you.##

***I told you that I am the alpha and the omega. I am the beginning and the end. I am the end to everything they have done. I am the end to death to America. I am the end to death of my Israel. I am the end of their death. Yes, I am their end. They will not have what they have decided to do. They will not have these things against you. No, they won’t.##

***My children, you have spoken my words. I have heard the decrees. I have heard you speak my name above all names; the name of Jesus. I have heard this name spoken time and time again. I honor that name. I honor you, the ones that have been fighting for my nation. I honor those prayers. I honor the consistency and the persistency in my children who dare to believe me, who will not give up and quit. This is your time of harvest. This is your time. This is your time of release. Everything that has been held back from you, it is now being released. A great release in this hour. I say, a great release in this hour of power, a great release in this hour of power, this hour of my glory, this hour of my presence, this hour of my goodness.##

***Don’t look to the right or to the left. Don’t look to these people, and don’t look to these things. Don’t look to the economy. Don’t look to the elections. Don’t look to man-made governments. Don’t look to these things. Look to me, and you will see me. Look to me. Trust in me. Rely on me. Lean on me. That is where you will find your rest. That is where you will find your peace. That is where you will see me and my love for thee, my love for all my children, the love that I have for my nations, the love that I have for my creation.##

***What you are about to see is not wrath. Do you hear these words, my children? What you are about to see is not wrath, but it is judgment, greater judgment than the plagues of Egypt, greater judgment than that because they have been a greater evil holding you than the ones that held my children in Egypt. They have been holding you hostage. They have made you their slaves. They have built their businesses and corporations off the backs of my children. Enemies of almighty God, you will fall as the pharaohs of old. How dare you hold my children in your captivity. How dare you make them your slaves. How dare you! They are not yours. They are mine, and this earth belongs to them.##

***A shift of power in this hour, a shift of power in this hour. Watch how quickly governments can fall, how quickly administrations can fall, how quickly governors, congressmen and women can fall, and senators can fall. They thought they protected themselves and the seats that they thought belonged to them; well, they knew they didn’t belong there. So, I will tell you, my children, they will fall. They will fall like rain; fall, fall, fall from your places of power. Fall in this hour, fall from your places of power. Fall, oh enemies of almighty God.##

***My United States is being reborn, renewed, and strengthened, and so is my David. He will be restored. He will be restored, and not the way you think. I am restoring him, and the world will know it. It is not just an election. No, no, no. It is the great I AM who is removing the jokesters in D.C., the puppets in D.C., and the actors, the infiltrators, the traitors of this nation. Watch and see. Watch and see me move mightily.##

***So, in this hour of power, in this hour of power, I tell you, my children, I am pouring it out. I am pouring it out. I want you to shout. Shout your victories. Shout your healing and restoration. Shout the prosperity that I am bringing. Shout the things that I am giving to you that were in the hands of the wicked. Shout these things. Shout onto me. Shout onto me and you will see me, the great I AM, move, move, move on your behalf. I am showering you in this hour of my glory and power, sayeth the Lord.##

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