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Healing for the AGES. All 4 Doctors LIVE. Pentecost Teaching! B2T Show June 11, 2024

Show Notes

Let’s jump into the news…

Hunter Biden found guilty on all counts in gun trial.

Hunter Biden flanked by family members, allies throughout trial.

Biden hosting gun control event hours after Hunter found guilty on gun charges.

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Newly released Jan 6 footage shows Pelosi saying “I take responsibility” as she discussed National Guard absence.

Rick shows a video clip in the article with Pelosi admitting responsibility.  She is wearing a mask so its difficult to hear her, but you can hear her say she is responsible.

Judge Cannon rejects Trump request in classified documents case.

After reading these articles, Dr. Group and Dr. Schmidt come on and Dr. Ardis and Dr. Ealy join shortly after.

The doctors all discuss the Healing for the Ages conference that just passed which was virtual and the upcoming in person conference happening in September in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Group is the first doctor to come on.  He gives a brief introduction to what he is working on and how they all work together to help others have a better life and better health.

Dr. Jana comes on next.  She says the bees are doing great.

Dr. Ardis comes on and says he joined this group because they all have the same messaging.

The discussion goes into how the human body can heal and detox from all the chemicals and bioweapons we get hit with on a daily basis.

Dr. Ealy comes on a little later.  He joins in the discussion and explains how the human body heals and uses the example of a rusty nail and tetanus.

The doctors go into great detail about how to use your body and natural methods to heal.

They had a great discussion.

The doctors also take a few questions from the audience.

Rick and his brother, Rob, pray for the doctors after the interview is completed.

After the doctors leave, Rick goes into a discussion about Shavuot (Pentecost).

Rick reads Exodus 3:1-15 which discusses Moses and the burning bush.

Then he reads Exodus 19:18-20, Exodus 20:18, Exodus 13:21, Leviticus 16:2, and finally Acts 2:1-38 which discusses the arrival of Pentecost.

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