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God’s Checkmate in September? Bo Polny LIVE. B2T Show Jul 19, 2023

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Bo Polny comes on LIVE and we have a fascinating discussion on how God is going to checkmate the globalists and evil this year!

However, first the country will be brought to it’s knees.

We review Bo’s timelines updated for recent events, discuss gold/silver and the timeline from the Revelation Seals to the 1,000 years of Christ.

First Rick reviews recent news on the Trump impending document indictment and how this is exposing the criminal Biden DOJ even more.

Then we discuss AT&T’s continued loss of subscribers and the importance of using precious metals for diversity.

Rick reads Julie Green’s latest prophetic word that clearly tells us to align with Christ:

“So, my body, come in line now with the head. Come in line now. Stand your ground, and I said, stand firm. Hold the line because your enemy is trying to penetrate that line…”

Rick reviews other news around Biden going back to the basement in his home for his campaign headquarters, news of the cabal being exposed by whistleblower and new documents being discovered, and more.

Bo details how Haggai 2:7 is being experienced now:

“And I will shake all nations, so that the treasures of all nations shall come in, and I will fill this house with glory, says the Lord of hosts.”

He explains how the Daniel 7-year cycle will be experienced from 2020 to 2027 with the first 3 ½ years being EVIL and the second half being GLORY.

Later in the interview, Bo explains how he believes the 1st and 2nd seal of Revelation have been opened and we are about to see the 3rd opened.

The first seal, the white horse, he believes was Jan 2020 with COVID being released on the world.

The 2nd seal, the red horse, he believes was the George Floyd riots and worldwide chaos in the summer of 2020.

The 3rd seal, the black horse, he believes will be the fall of the mystery Babylon (financial collapse, etc.) with the Angel of Death.

Rick shows the more traditional interpretation of the white horse being the anti-Christ, but Bo discusses how several prophets have said the Angel of Death is already on the earth about to strike.

He believes they will be precision strikes like the 1st born on the Egyptians.  This will likely be those in power serving Satan and the globalist agenda.

He believes this will happen in 2023 for a variety of calculations including the 50-year Jubilee since 1973’s Roe vs. Wade and the Petro Dollar as well as the 3 ½ years since Jan 2020 of COVID as discussed above.

Many other timelines and discussions including some Q&A.

We pray for Bo and then go Backstage for more Q&A post-show where Bo decides to give us more of his time!

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Prophetic Word

July 18, 2023 – Julie Green’s Prophetic Word Highlighting by B2T  REMEMBER WHO IS STANDING BETWEEN THEM AND YOU

*** For I the Lord this day, say this is my country. Soon the world will know it because I will show it. I will show the manifestation of my hand to remove, to judge, to restore what has been stolen. For over a hundred years, almost since the beginning of this country, there had been people already wanting to destroy the foundation; to destroy my plan for this country. A plan, so great; a plan so mighty.##

***This country was meant to be blessed; to be a blessing. This country was meant to be a light. This country was meant to be a country to help other countries around the world. It was to be a safe haven; yes, for people trying to get out of the depressive situations that they were in. It’s a place for peace, a place for freedom, a place of joy; but your enemies did not want that. All they wanted was their control and their version of this nation; a nation of socialism, communism, and pure evil reign, because this nation, and I have said this before, keeps them from their ultimate goal, their one world government, their great reset.##

***You can’t have a nation so powerful and so blessed, and have a global government. The plans they have to shred the constitution before your eyes, the plans they have to destroy any freedom that you have left, the plans they have to put you even in a greater bondage in slavery; they were far from done.##

***My children, take back this nation for my kingdom. Take back this nation in my name. Take back their freedom in my name. Man can’t take something that I have given. Don’t allow it! Don’t bow to their every command. Through all their threats and their pressure, their threats will not go anywhere. Remember who’s standing in between them and you. IT’S ME. They will not have this victory. They will not have this nation.##

***So, my body, come in line now with the head. Come in line now. Stand your ground, and I said, stand firm. Hold the line because your enemy is trying to penetrate that line, destroy that line, and cause divisions anywhere they can to cause upset, to cause an uproar, to cause chaos, to cause confusion; anything and everything they can to destroy you. If they can destroy the church, if they can destroy the power, they can have it all.##

***So, my children this day, remember what I say. I said, this is mine. I have blessed it. I have blessed this nation. This is my nation, just like Israel. My hand of protection has not come off, no matter what it appears like right now. I had to allow certain things so you would see what was really going on, so you would get fed up and not put up with any of the stuff that’s been happening behind the scenes. If the church was awake, the church would’ve seen, the church would’ve dealt with it, and could have by now far before this would’ve gotten to this degree.##

***But, with every shaking, comes an awakening. With every awakening, comes a revival. Revival is my glory being poured out on mankind. So, call it in and keep receiving my glory. Keep expecting my glory. Keep expecting my hand to move and place judgment, and remove the ones that you see before you. Some people will say, that’s impossible; never going to happen; never going to work.## ***There’s nothing impossible for me. I have waited until my church was awake. I have waited until the right time. When that time comes, one day, it’ll be one way, and the next day it will be another. These things can happen. I’ve done it before. Don’t limit me. Don’t limit me by your thinking. Don’t limit me by your speech. Take the limits off of me and you will see my glory, sayeth the Lord.##

Bo’s Slides reviewed during the show:

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