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General Flynn LIVE. How to Fight AI & the Flynn Movie. PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Apr 15, 2024

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Let’s start our show…

Dr. Kirk Elliott joins Rick at the beginning of our show.

Dr. Kirk talks about things going on in the world and how it’s affecting the price of silver.

Silver is up to $29 an ounce.

He also talks about the gold holdings of countries around the world.

While Dr. Kirk is talking about the state of the world’s gold holdings, Rick shows the US Debt Clock and the new ‘secret window.’

Dr. Kirk believes there are more bank failures coming and more government intrusion.

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Rick jumps into the news when Dr. Kirk leaves.

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Rick goes through all the tour stops General Flynn will be host movie screening.

Rick then plays a clip of the movie.

Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday that could overturn convictions of hundreds of J6 rioters.

The J6 prosecutors decided that the most serious charge they could get a conviction for was an obstruction charge.

Rick reads several parts of the article including a part that states this will directly affect President Trump.  The result of this case will be applied to President Trump if the prosecutor’s success in their attempt.

Study shows at least 90% of TV News fails to call Trump prosecutors ‘Democrats.’

Biden quietly expands ‘temporary’ amnesty to 1.2 million foreign nationals.

Rick says this just shows it’s very obvious they are allowing so many illegals to come in so they can vote.

Left-Wing outlet hurtles toward bankruptcy following megadonor’s retreat.

The Interceptor is losing money amid left-wing megadonor Pierre Omidyar’s choice to stop providing funds to the outlet.

Yes, Biden DID approve Iran’s attack.

Rick goes back to General Flynn’s website and shows some tour highlights while waiting for General Flynn to join.

In the Trump’s Truths section, we see President Trump says “When I walk into that courtroom, I know I will have the love of 200 million Americans behind me, and I will FIGHT for the FREEDOM of 325 million Americans!

Rick shows a video attached to that post.

President Trump ‘wishes’ everyone a happy Tax Day.

In another Truth, President Trump talks about the judge no allowing him to attend Barron’s high school graduation and this attack on him.

This post also has a video attached to it.

Rick goes over several more of Trump’s Truths.

General Flynn joins the show.

He asks everyone to donate to President Trump’s legal fund or his campaign.

General Flynn is not happy with the treatment of President Trump or any of the other’s the Deep State is going after.

General Flynn talks about his tour and Fifth Generation Warfare.

He also talks about using AI and how it can be beneficial.  He uses it to translate his videos and books into other languages.

After the discussion with General Flynn, he takes a few questions from Backstage.

When General Flynn leaves, Rick moves into PraiseNPrayer with our beautiful worship music.

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