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Garland Lies. Waters Takes Tucker Spot. PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show Jun 26, 2022

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Merrick Garland is being caught in more lies as testimony from an IRS whistleblower with a newly released email shows the DOJ interfered with the Hunter Biden investigation.

McCarthy has even discussed impeachment proceeding due to the weaponization of the DOJ.

We also learn that Disney has lost nearly $1 Billion on its last 8 Disney movies.

Many of these had woke ideologies including Strange World” that featured a gay romance,  “Lightyear” that has a lesbian kiss in it and “Elemental” which talks about xenophobia and has Disney’s first non-binary character.

We also see that Jesse Waters will take over Tucker’s prime time spot as Laura Ingram moves form 10pm to the 7pm spot on Fox News.

Trump call out Fox News for not covering his Faith and Freedom speech not mentioning him getting the “Man of the Decade” award from Michigan.

Rick calls Fox News the RINOs (Republican In Name Only) of Mainstream Media.

We also see Jack Smith asking the Trump trail to move from June to December, likely so they can continue to leak information and control the narrative.

Rick covers the latest news on the Wagner mercenary group rebellion against Russia and the theory of the attack on the Wagner group initially being a false flag.

More election problems for Arizona as more vote descrepancies are found in 2022.

Kari Lake’s new book “Unafraid” declares herself ‘the lawful governor of Arizona’, calls Democrat Katie Hobbs a ‘squatter’ and reveals how Doug Ducey tried to stare her down in ‘awkward’ meeting.

Rick then reviews the latest prophetic word from Julie Green where the Lord tells us to get close to him:

“So, my children, in this time, draw close to me. Get more in my word. Spend more time with me. That’s what I’m asking of you, just to lean on me and trust me that I will do the things that I’ve said in my word that I will do.”

We see Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Green working to defund the ATF for its stance in attempting to take guns away for slight paperwork errors.

Rick also reports on the latest tweets form Dereck Johnson around aircraft and other events that give more evidence toward his Continuity of Government beliefs.

We then move to a quick discussion on Daniel 10 before moving to PraiseNPrayer. 

During PraiseNPrayer we hear many Praise Reports, lift up important prayer requests while worshipping and praising through awesome exclusive music videos.

The highlight is when a former Muslim from Iran, Sury, gives her testimony of how she came to know the real Jesus and become a Christian in the Chicago area where she was loved by other Persian Farsi speaking believers!

Sury was in tears as we played our newest worship music video, Oceans, which is her favorite English worship song!

We end with a prayer for our Prodigal children, friends and family and the blowing of the shofar.

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