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GA Case Backfire! Trump & Ruby Garcia. John Leake LIVE. B2T Show Apr 2, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

Rick starts the evening out with a post from Rachel Alexander talking about the disbarment trial of President Trump’s former DOJ official Jeffrey Clark, VoterGA’s Garland Favorito goes over his audit of the Fulton County election.  He shows various errors in the Georgia election.

Rick also shows a document called ‘Refutation of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s false election claims.  Click the link in the notes to see the document.

Rick then shows an X post that further talks about the Georgia election fraud.

This is showing proof of the attacks against President Trump.

Rick recommends you go to the Blessed2Teach Rumble account and watch the ‘Let My People Go’ movie by Dr David Clements.

In another X post, we see more information from New Mexico.  A judge has issued a 300 page ruling in favor of election integrity activists who argued that the State violated federal law by refusing to provide election records.

Rick says he believes we need to go to all paper ballots and says maybe this is the hypnotic November Kim Clement was talking about.

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how they hear from God.

In the Trump’s Truth section, we see a post saying ‘Mass invasion of a country is an act of war.  A government failing to protect a country is an act of treason.’

The post has a chart attached that shows dates and a description of events by year the illegal immigration into the U.S.

In another Truth, President Trump shows a picture of Ruby Garcia, who was murdered by an illegal.  The post has a video clip showing images of Ruby and her daughter.

In a New York post article, we see President Trump saying he hopes the family will attend his Rally in Michigan.

In another post, President Trump thanks the Polic Officers Association of Michigan for endorsing him.

Rick shows several more Truths from President Trump.

Google has interfered in US elections since 2008.  The article shows what year and how they interfered.

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Truth Social has $200 million after merger to finance expansion, CEO says.

Rick talks about the parallel economy and infrastructure being built.

Failed experiment: Liberals in Oregon reverse course, recriminalize hard drugs after overdoses skyrocket.

Biden Admin scrambles to tell Tehran it had ‘No Involvement’ on Israeli strike against Iranian generals.

Mitch McConnel, 82, vows to remain in Senate to fight his own party.

Blinken announces appointment of new DEI chief after 10-month vacancy.

Rick goes over several more articles before bringing on John Leake.

John tells about himself and his background.  He also discusses his books.

After the interview, the Backstagers pray for John.

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