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Epstein Names to be Unsealed! First Evidence of Biden Crimes. B2T Show Dec 19, 2023

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Elite clients of high-end brothel busted in Massachusetts and DC.  The people charged are believed to be made up of elected officials, government contractors WITH security clearances, and military officers.  Rick believes this is part of the awakening.  The deep state is being exposed.

Rick uses this oil as anointing oil and for its health benefits.  You can order this product here:

Georgia election workers sue Rudy Giuliani again.  Rick says “God is really looking at the judges right now, Remember they are God’s representatives on earth.”  The same women that have sued Rudy before have done it again, trying to get him to not be able to speak publicly about them.  Then we go into an article about a Moms for Liberty leader that was facing harassment charges is now doing the suing.  Rick also discusses Brandon Straka who wins a hug lawfare case that was brought against him.  In the court case, during the discovery phase, it was found that the officers that testified against Brandon were not even in the same area he was so they could not have witnessed anything.

Rick explores an article about the White House being concerned about Biden’s health and Jill gets involved in the situation.  His handlers are so concerned they have decided to make him use the shorter stairs on Air Force One.

The Biden administration is refusing to show documents that show they have altered the definition of what a recession is.  Rick shows the US Debt Clock.  The pop up on the site is showing to “Think Wealth”.  Rick then discusses precious metals and the possibility of what it could go to within the next 5 years.

An economist warns that 2024 will be the biggest single crash year in our lifetime.  Since 2009, our economy has been 100% artificial.  Rick thinks this is part of the wake up.  The Federal Reserve loans you money out of nothing.  They are part of the International Banking Cartel.  They are not Federal nor are they Reserve.  Why are we paying taxes?  It’s an International Banking Scam.

Rick labels this section the “Trump Truths”  We see an article tht Wyoming Secretary of State is trying to remove Trump from the ballot.  We then go into a Truth from Truth Social from President Trump where he talks about Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) and says they are attacking him ‘for reasons unknown’  I think he knows why.

The verse of the day is Ephesians 6:10-18.  This verse has been in several Q drops.  Most people think there are 6 key pieces of Armor, but Rick believes there are 7.  The armor is in verses 13 to 18.  The pieces of armor are: the belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, gospel of peace, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, sword of the Spirit, and praying in the Spirit.

Rick plays a video of a word he received from the Lord on December 13, 2023 entitled “Wake Up My Children”.  We then move into Project Children Rescue (PCR) where we gather backstage to pray for the children and blow the shofar.

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