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Elon’s Warning… Who Visited Joe 8 Times at the White House? B2T Show Jul 9, 2024

Show Notes

Elon puts out very blunt warnings on multiple tweets about election fraud and the democrats wanting to cheat.

He specifically emphasizes the Democrats wanting to cheat around an article showing Democrats all against the census asking if you are a citizen.  Then again he highlights how the Democrats are making it impossible to audit an election due to process around mail in ballots and drop boxes.

Rick feels Elon must be playing a white hat red pill role around election integrity and freedom of speech.

However, he then partners with the World Economic Forum around monitoring X… confusing signal here…

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We then see a 700+ million dollar fine on major banks for manipulating the derivatives market.  Rick’s theory is this just shows how everything will change when the Babylonian Financial System collapses.

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Rick is excited to see demons continue to squabble as Joe defiantly stays in the race and starts making multiple public appearances.

The longer Joe stays in the race the more difficult it is for them to change candidates.  It’s especially difficult to skip Kamala.

This is just like many Biblical examples where the Lord has enemies fight themselves like Gideon and in 2 Chronicles 20.

Rick still believes that they can’t afford Trump to take the white house, so prepare for chaos.

Who visited Joe in the White House 8 times in the last 8 months? A Parkinson’s disease expert who is also a Biden donor.

The press secretary avoids this question, but it’s becoming very obvious to everyone.

Rick even plays a video of a doctor who is a lifetime democrat the says its extremely clear Joe has Parkinsons’ due to the clear symptoms of rigitdy

We review a Jun 30 Rick’s Alone Time with God blog where the Lord says exposure, exposure, exposure!

This will put them in more of a desperate situation, so it’s vital we get close to the Lord in these times.

Rick then teaches in a WordNWorship section on Luke 11 where we discover the importance of persistence in our prayers and how the very finger of God will work through us during these times since the kingdom of God is within us!

We then go backstage for intercessory prayer for the children, against this cabal of globalists and for Donald Trump and others.

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Teaching Notes

Persistent Neighbor


(persistent widow)

v9 ask

(synoptic, ask and it will be given)

it will be given to you

seek and you will find


v13 who are evil

give the Holy Spirit

Jesus and Beelzebul

Jesus and Beelzebul


v14 casting out a demon that was mute

v15 by Beelzebul

v16 to test him

v17 knowing their thoughts

v19 cast out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your sons

sons (of the prophets)

v20 the finger of God

kingdom of God

v22 but when one stronger

overcomes him

v23 whoever is not with me


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