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Elon: Ventilators Killed More Than COVID. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Nov 2, 2023

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Elon goes on the Joe Rogan podcast and continues to lay down truth bombs!

He called the old Twitter a “mind virus” and now he tells people that more people died from ventilators than for COVID.

Rick shows several articles that backed up what Elon was saying, but that did not keep the so called “fact checkers” from lying and trying to protect Big Pharma.

This is why Trump was right when he calls MSM the enemy of the people.  This goes for fact checkers as well.

A Connecticut Judge overturned a Mayoral election based on video evidence of ballot stuffing.

This could be an important precedent as more election fraud evidence continues to mount.

We see that China map companies have removed the term “Israel” from its maps as the Chinese media continues to put out anti-Israel information.

Rick covers other breaking news around a Florida Senator endorsing Trump over DeSantis and Trump having to file lawsuits to stay on the Colorado ballot for President.

We review the latest Julie Green prophetic word where the Lord says it time for changes:

“It is time for this judgment. It is time for removals. Yes, it’s time for arrests. It’s time for reversals. It’s time for restoration.”

Rick then teaches on Hebrews 11 on living by Faith and how critical faith was to many Biblical characters.

Rick also suggests watching the movie “His Only Son” by Angel Studios.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer and listen to some awesome worship videos and hear praise reports from Sweden, Australia, and multiple states in the US.

Prayer warriors lift up many prayer requests in between all the worshipping and praising.

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