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Elon in Israel & his War with Media Matters. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Nov 27, 2023

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Elon travels to Israel and meets with Netanyahu and sees first-hand what happened on October 7.

Rick explorers weather Elon is a Black Hat, White Hat or Grey Hat.

He was obviously a Black Hat at one time with his support of mRNA technology, a girlfriend who dresses like Baphomet, and many other nefarious globalist supporting activities.

Since Elon is fighting for free speech, he now appears like a White Hat, but could he be a controlled opposition?  Is he playing both sides as a Grey Hat?

Rick believes he has flipped into a white hat similar to Saul becoming Paul.  What are your thoughts?

Before you answer, why is Media Matters attacking Elon full throttle?  Media Matters is pure evil and a protector of the globalists.

Are these lawsuits just a distraction or is Elon going to be the one to finally show the world the dishonest practices of Media Matters and expose their globalists funding?

This will be interesting as two financial heavy weights fight each other.

Rick brings on Kirk Elliott who discusses the massive Bank closures and the huge unrealized losses Bank of America is experiencing since 2008.

Kirk questions how much longer Bank of America can survive especially with the upcoming commercial real estate bubble expected to burst.

Rick discusses the large derivatives (shorts) on gold and silver that JP Morgan and BoA have that is suppressing the prices.

Kirk brings up the that is showing silver to be at 1,500+ per once in 5 years and Rick brings up the importance of liquidity (being able to get cash quickly) if needed with silver.

You can call Kirk for a free financial consultation at 720.605.3900 or send a form in at this site:

Rick has done 5 transactions with Kirk around silver and leverages a Texas Depository for much of his silver.

We cover more news around Ireland, the Israeli war, Act Blue’s criminal activity and more.

Rick then reads the latest Julie Green prophetic word where the Lord tells us to have faith in him and not elections:

“Elections; do not put your faith in elections. Do not put your faith in something that man can manipulate. Put your faith in me because man cannot manipulate me.”

We also hear part of Rick’s Alone Time with God, where the Lord discusses putting him first:

“Prioritize your life now around me and nothing else.  As you seek first the kingdom and my righteousness, all the things you are not prioritizing will fall in line nicely.”

Rick then outlines the 4 things that need to be done in order to be used by the Lord during these times:

1) Be in his word daily

2) get your word into your heart through memorization of scripture

3) praise and worship him

4) spend time alone with him and expect to hear from him the specifics for your path.

We then move to a Bible Study on Romans 6 mixed in with beautiful worship music videos and PraiseNPrayer.

Rick gives a praise report on the blessing of the expert instructor for Inner Healing and Deliverance, and we hear more from Linda Jackson as well.

Many prayer requests are also lifted up before we end the broadcast to go to another Zoom for training on Inner Healing and Deliverance.

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