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Elon Fires Another Team. Trump Wins Again! PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Sep 28, 2023

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Elon Musk fires 1/2 the Election Integrity group and the leader out of X (formally Twitter).

When someone reported and Tweeted it, Elon replied to the Tweet with:

“Oh you mean the ‘Election Integrity’ Team that was undermining election integrity? Yeah, they’re gone.”

More evidence Musk is playing a key role with the Whitehats.

The jury is still out to whether Musk is controlled opposition, a former Blackhat that was flipped or a grey hat working both sides.

Facebook, now named Meta (in Hebrew meaning “death”) continues to hemorrhage.

The virtual reality Meta world has been a huge loss and now the next major failure is “Threads.”

Threads is a competitor of X/Twitter, but nobody wants to use it.

Facebook (created by DARPA’s Life Log program) is about to crater!

Same with Disney!  After major failures of 9 different movie bombs, they continue a non-family agenda.

Disney is trying to sell major assets to survive and rumors are that the entire company may be up for sale.

The elites are in a panic!

Too many people are waking up, so as Mel K said on Tuesday.  They met to accelerate the 2030 agenda.

But all their efforts will continue to backfire and just result in more people awakening.

The Republican Debate, hosted by Fox was a dismal failure, but continues to expose all the RINO (Conservative Con) funding.

Even Vox, a leftist publication, printed an article called “3 Losers and 1 Winner”…

They list Vivek as a loser (he has to be thrown under the bus as he exposes the Uniparty).

The 2nd loser were the moderators who let the debated get totally out of control.

The 3rd loser was Fox, who had another bad ratings night as most were watching Trump live in Michigan or Tucker Carlson interviewing Bill O’Riley.

The winner…. The article just said “You know who” with a big picture of Trump!

Bottom line is even the Mockingbird Media is having to report on how everything is aligning to make Trump one of the most popular candidates ever.

Meanwhile, even more information is being disseminated by House Republicans in the Biden impeachment inquiry that factually exposes the Biden crime family.

Now the elites have to figure a way to ditch Biden and Kamala and replace them with new puppets.

They now realize they cannot wait much longer.

They need them out as soon as possible as they attempt to use their Luciferian powers to pull the wool over our eyes.

They just don’t realize they are falling into the Lord’s trap.

Rick brings on Tom from CupAHeath and we learn why this coffee muscle tests on Rick and others.

A truly healthy morning drink that helps with intermittent fasting, apatite control due to the many healthy ingredients.

Rick discusses how we can accelerate the fall of this Cabal.

Since it is a spiritual war, the sooner the Body of Christ aligns with the head, God will start working through us like never before.

See Rick’s blog “Rick’s Alone Time with God” on Neighborhood.Social to understand how to hear from the Lord in a very clear way.

It’s not supposed to be a secret!  God wants to speak to you!

Rick covers more news and then teaches on Hebrews Chapter 2 where we learn why the New Covenant was necessary.

The Chapter digs into making sure we do not neglect salvation.

We also learn why Jesus is the founder of our salvation!

Then we move to PraiseNPrayer where we play beautiful worship videos, praise the Lord, and hear many praise reports.

We also get specific prayer requests and powerful Backstage prayer warriors lift these prayers up as we worship with the presence of God around us all as we praise him.

You can have access now for FREE to all Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here in a pay forward model:

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