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Elon Calls Out Medical Cartel. Mel K LIVE. B2T Show Sep 26, 2023

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Elon posts a video showing 100s of articles that show the real disinformation that came from the Medical Cartel and their media allies.

The video starts with the 100% effectiveness of the vaccines, down to 99% effective, then each article showing the percentage move down to 30%.

The video continues and shows they moved to needing boosters and then it moves to articles showing the vaccines are not effective at all.

This is really interesting as Elon is one of the creators of mRNA technology, so he is calling that tech out with the vaccines.

Rick still believes the jury is still out if Elon still is a black hat with a controlled opposition role, or a white hat who played the black hats like Trump, or if he was a black hat and was flipped.

Rick then reviews key news around Trump calling out the election interference, with Amazon getting sued by the FTC and California requiring transgender bathrooms.

We also see a resignation from Canada and other key events showing that more people are waking up each week.

Rick then reads part of a word he received in his Alone Time with God where the Lord tells us to be in his word:

“Do not lean on your own understanding of what your path should be.  You can only get specific direction from me.  Where do you get that you ask?  From seeking my face, from earnestly seeking me.  Receive this message now with great eagerness and do what the Berean’s did in studying the scriptures every day.  Not just read, but study.”

Then Rick brings on Mel K who lights the broadcast up with detailed insights on how the New World Order captured most of the US Government.

Rick had her detail the Saul Alinsky tactics to infiltrate us from within.

Mel detailed out mush of the corrupt organizations that lead the way toward globalism, including the WEF, WHO, IBF, NATO and many others.

She gives us outstanding insight the Agenda 3030 that they are now needing to accelerate as the elites become panicked about we the people awakening.

Mel does a great job showing the evil of Blackrock and the connections to the Clinton Global Initiative and Jeffery Epstein.

Backstagers ask questions as well where Mel is able to express optimism due to her faith and the progress with people getting involved at the local level.

Mel will be live on stage in Miami at Trump Doral for the October ReAwaken tour.

We pray for Mel and she is extremely grateful.

Afterwards we play a few beautiful worship videos before going backstage for Project Children Rescue (PCR).

In PCR we come together and pray for the children and for other key items like the military and Trump.  We also pray against the Cabal and the media across the nations.

After PCR we have another Backstage event around Impactors for Truth where we study the 3 categories of Spiritual Gifts and discuss a test you can take to understand your gifts!

You can have access now for FREE to all Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here in a pay forward model:

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