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Dems Panic. Maga Expands. Prophetic Art! B2T Show Feb 27, 2024

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The Democrats are in a Panic after seeing the latest polls with Trump leading big in all the swing states over Biden.

They have to figure out a way to stop the bleeding as all the indictments are backfiring.

Trump is pounding Nikki Haley winning in Michigan by over 40 points!

Now the globalists need to find a way to get Joe and Kamala out of the way and they will expose themselves as just looking for another puppet.

Meanwhile, more people are waking up to the problems at the border and they know that Biden and the Democrats have caused the problem.

In a recent poll, 55% of voters feel the border is now a critical problem, up 8 points from just last month.

Just the news reports on 85,000 children who crossed the border have been lost.  That’s right, the Biden administration has lost track of 85,000 children!!

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New information has been released showing that the Minilatry intelligence had significant information before Oct. 7 on the attack and did not inform the Defense secretary, nor the cabinet, proving Netanyahu was not informed beforehand.

In addition, the intelligence agencies were responsible for the stand down orders as well.

Rick also clarifies his disdain for the Rothschild family and many Jewish leaders who are very evil.

However, he reviewed the Blog on “the Kazarian Jew myth” showing that the theory that most jews in the homeland are not of Biblical heritage to be false due to fraudulent original sources.

The Kazazian Jew theory is not backed up by DNA, linguistic, archeological and historical evidence.  It also falls based on negative evidence.  See this blog here:

Macron discussed using troops in Russia, Putin threatens NATO, and NATO leaders rebuked Macron and said there is no plans to put NATO troops on the ground.

Rick covers other news before bringing on Elisabeth and Jason Miller of “All Things New Art”…

We hear how they were awakened to the evil of the globalists and awakened to the truth of the power of the Holy Spirit.

We look at many of the prophetic paintings here:

We pray for Jason and Elisabeth and they give very encouraging remarks about the B2T backstage members and our worship and prayer.

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