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Davos Fail! Clay Clark LIVE. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jan 22, 2024

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The Heritage President, Kevin Roberts, tell Davos elites the truth!

He says: “Anyone not prepared to take away the power of unelected bureaucrats and give it back to the American people is unprepared to be part of the next conservative administration.”

Roberts also stated “I will be candid and say the agenda that every single member of the administration needs to have is to compile a list of everything that has ever been proposed at the World Economic Forum and object to all of them wholesale,”

Rick also showed how Yuval Noah Harari, the elite’s so-called prophet, said concerning Trump becoming President:

“I think it’s very likely, and if it happens it is likely to be the kind of death blow to what remains of the global order.”

Rick believes Harari is absolutely wrong that Trump has a “false dichotomy” that you have to choose between patriotism and globalism, which is what Rick believes people need to do because globalism is run by Luciferian elites that want what was written on the Georgia Guidestones.

Rick discusses the coffee that keep him full and satiated for hours with many health ingredients.  General Flynn loves it too!

Clay Clark comes on the show and discusses how they had a Which Doctor doing incantations in Davos!

Clay also unleashes a ton of truth and revelations about the Deep State in a constant flow of information.

He also gives us an update on his lawsuit against Eric Comer of Dominion and the fundraising efforts of his friend Peter Navarro.

Clay asks for prayer for Peter and for anyone who can give small amounts to his Give Send Go to help him through his appeal process.

After we pray for Peter and Clay, Rick reviews Trump Truth’s part of the show, we review Trump revealing how his latest accuser lied about a dress she said she had on that actually was not even designed and produce by that point in time.

We review a clip of Don Jr. asking everyone to vote in New Hampture as the Democrats were encouraging people to change parties to vote for Haley and even Sloppy Chris Christie sent letters to Democrats asking them to do the same.

Trump truthed many posts about Nikki being a RINO and her bad polls against Biden.

Rick continues with more news before moving to a Bible Study on Ephesians 2.

Then we do over an hour of PraiseNPrayer with awesome music videos, praise reports from multiple backstage members and specific prayers for those on Rumlbe and backstage.

The broadcast ends when software on the production machine crashes, but we finish up Backstage with powerful prayer and some more praise videos.

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