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China Wires New Findings! Trey Smith LIVE. B2T Show Sep 27, 2023

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China Joe’s lies keep being exposed with new undeniable evidence of money being received by the Bidens.

This time there are actual bank transfers from China where the beneficiary on the account uses Joe’s address!

The reports shows: On July 26, 2019, Hunter Biden received a $10,000 wire from Wang Xin. On August 2, 2019, Hunter Biden received a $250,000 wire from Jonathan Li and Tan Ling. Both wires originated in Beijing and Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home is listed as the beneficiary address for both wires.

On October 22, 2020, Joe Biden falsely said, “My son has not made money, in terms of thing about, what are you talking about? China. The only guy who made money in China is [President Trump].”

The Biden Crime family is about to fall.

Fauci is also about to fall.

New findings show Fauci Secretly Visited CIA HQ to ‘Influence Findings’ on COVID-19 Origin Report.

Fauci allegedly embarked upon a massive cover-up attempt for the notorious EcoHealth Alliance, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the Wuhan Lab.

A new study finds that the lack of access to HCQ was a major factor in covid deaths that father exposes Fauci and the government health organizations that suppressed it.

“Estimates indicate that if all countries where HCQ access was restricted had made HCQ available, covid-19 fatalities would have been reduced by about 520,000,” the study authors stated.

Rick reports on the FBI refusing to release documents in probe into possible nationwide voter registration fraud.

The FBI delays its respone to Just the News FOIA request by suggesting the investigation is still ongoing.

The matter was initially investigated by Michigan city and state authorities before the FBI took over.

The cover-up continues!

Rick covers other news, before moving to an update on his blog “Rick’s Time Alone with God where he expands how he is able to hear consistently from the Lord.

The updated section can be found here:

Rick feels the Lord chose him, a person that is NOT in the office of a prophet, to teach how everyone can hear from God if they are willing to submit, make sure their heart is in the word and focused on the Lord and then use the technique Nathan French teaches.

Since Trey Smith was not able to make it, Rick moved into PraiseNPrayer and we have a big breakthrough where Rick leverages the audience to troubleshoot a sound issue.

We are now ready for a full 90-minute PraiseNPrayer after the show tomorrow night with perfect sound on Zoom and the streaming platforms!

Then we go Backstage for a Bible Study with Gus who teaches on Matthew 18.

You can have access now for FREE to all Backstage live and recordings by joining the Backstage Ministry here in a pay forward model:

Lack of access to HCQ was a major factor in covid deaths, a new study finds

Prophecy Review

9/27/23 Update:  The Lord wanted me to clarify what I am doing to consistently hear from the Lord. Here’s an update:

Before I get quite with the Lord, communicate with him, expect to hear from him and write down what he is saying to me; I do the following:

1) I pray.  I usually do this silently when I am in bed and don’t want to wake my wife, but will do this out loud when alone. I thank Him, glorify Him, put on my full armor, pray for all the Lord’s people, bind and loose things, and pray that I will work humbly with the body of Christ in a Spirit of Unity and with a Bond of Peace. I detail out this suggested prayer in the Impactor for Truth course.  (takes no more than 5 minutes)

2) I do 3-5 memory verses using  I usually do this on the App from my phone vs. the computer since the phone interface is nicer. Sometimes I will get on a roll and do many more verses and I do this at least 2 times a day, but always before I start communicating directly to Him.  (takes no more than 3-4 minutes if I do just the 3-5 verses)

3) Do some type of Bible Study.  This is often in preparation to teach and I get blessed when studying to teach because I have to go deeper, but sometimes this is just listening to my phone as part of a Plan on  (as little as 5-7 minutes unless I have time to go deeper)

These 3 steps above get my heart and mind focused on the Lord and His word before I go into the process Nathan French outlines above (I have clarified even more below).

Steps to hear form God:

  1. Get Quiet[I make sure I am going to have at least 20 minutes of no distractions.  Full undivided attention unlike with the above tasks where sometimes I fit it in a busy schedule and will do the Bible study in several sessions with distractions allowed to be responsive to the family, etc.]
  2. Communicate with the Lord[I start by going to a note taking program on my computer and with my eyes closed, and I type out my thanks to the Lord, ask Him to put me in a secret place where I can only hear from Him.  Then I either ask a specific question, ask Him how he is doing or more frequently just say “Lord what do you want me to hear and your people to hear this day?”]
  3. Expect to hear (getting your pen and paper ready is faith)[I keep my eyes closed, hands on the keyboard and listen ]
  4. Write down what the Lord says [By this point I have my mind and my heart fully focused on Him and His word and I simply record what he is telling me.  Sometimes when I hear a pause, I thank him and ask another question of Him, but most of the time it is just a clear stream of communication. What aprivilege!  He has told me he wants to talk to everyone in this time that will take the time to put him first.]
  5. Share (as God leads you) [He has told me that most people will not share as it will be specific instructions for them.  Butcertainty, ask him.  He has also given me words for others, but most of the time it is for me and the ministry]

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