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Bird Flu Fear. Do Not Comply! Dr. Ardis, Dr. Ealy, Dr. Schmidt LIVE. B2T Show May 14, 2024

Show Notes

Let’s jump into the news…

Ex-CDC Director warns gain-of-function research on Bird Flu could spark ‘Great Pandemic.’

Rick says, “It’s an election year, what do you expect?”

This article talks about a pandemic to induce fear, but Rick believes this doctor is also a whistleblower about how bad gain-of-function technology is for us.

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FED REPORT: Corporate greed ISN’T fueling inflation, as Biden claims.

$7.5 billion later, Biden is up to 7 EV charging stations.

Biden has only been able to create 7 charging stations in 4 states.  At this rate, Rick says it would take 500 years to have hundreds of charging stations when there are gas stations within minutes of you when you need them.

Trump trial veepstakes? Trump allies show up in force ahead of Michael Cohen’s second day of testimony.

Several potential VP candidates show up at the Trump trial today.

Engoron ‘under investigation’ for receiving unsolicited advice.

Adam Leitman Bailey said he spoke to Engoron three weeks before the ruling.

He told Engoron he does like Trump and told him to ‘get it right.’

In our Trump’s Truth section, we see:

President Trump is getting around the gag order by posting what others are saying about the trial.

President Trump has several posts quoting others talking about the case.

About 10 hours before the show, President Trump broke the gag order again with a post about the case calling it a witch hunt.

UNC Chape Hill board votes to dismantle DEI programs, use funds on campus police after anti-Israel protests.

North Carolina flagship university board of trustees unanimously votes to dismantle its diversity, equity, and inclusion programs.

They are going to use that funding to get proper security.

Frat dudes race to the rescue again with hilarious challenge to Antifa during U-Washington event.

North Carolina at Chapel Hill frat brothers protected the American flag and kept it from hitting the ground as pro-Hamas campus mobs tried to take it down again and replace it with the Palestinian flag.

Rick shows a flyer that says, “It’s a miracle! The UN brings over 11,000 women and children back to life!”

The UN quietly admits they over-estimated the number of women and children previously reported killed in Gaza.

Rick shows a post about an interview Tucker Carlson hosted with Aaron Rodgers talking about Pat Tillman’s death.

Rumble sues Google for over $1 billion for ad monopoly abuse.

Rick goes over a few more articles.

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We have an exciting interview tonight.

We get to welcome 3 of the 4 doctors from the Healing for The AGES.

Dr Ealy, Dr Schmidt, AND Dr Ardis join Rick for a wonderful, super informative interview.

Dr Group was not able to attend but maybe we can in the future.

Rick has each doctor give a little background on themselves and then they talk about things they are working on and researching.

This is a MUST-SEE interview.

They have a virtual conference later this month and their 2nd annual Healing for the Ages conference in Dallas in September.

All their information is very valuable.

They teach people how to use natural ‘medicine’ for health.

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