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Biden Removal & Unmasking. Inmate Speaks from Federal Prison. B2T Show May 22, 2023

B2T Show

The latest prophetic word form Julie Green discusses Biden’s (and maybe Obama’s) unmasking:

“Bigger problems with Biden will be revealed. A nation is about to find out who is behind a mask that they try so hard to hide. A person who has been pretending to be more than just a person.”

The three letter agencies will also be exposed:

“Major news stories are about to break, and a significant whistleblower will come forward to tear down the narrative of the three letter agencies and all they’re doing to protect the one who hides in his basement and from the people of this nation,…”

Rick also reviews how Elon is exposing George Soros and polls show that the majority of Americans have an unfavorable opinion of Geroge Soros with 39% having and very unfavorable opinion.

The MSM is losing the narrative!

Then Rick plays a series of 6 separate 7 minute phone calls from the DC Federal Prison from Mark Grenon.

Mark is incarcerated without trail and without bail for using natural substances to help people with diseases not using Big Phrama.

Since they could not push their vaccines using the emergency authorization if there were alternative treatments, the Medical Cartel came down hard on alternative treatments that worked against COVID.

The Medical Cartel, including their MSM arm, lied about Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Budesnide, Zink and Vitamin D.

As Mark explains, the Medical Cartel really came down on Sodium Chlorite or MMS.

They accused Trump of suggesting bleach, which is a lie when discussing Sodium Chlorite, attacked anyone distributing it and when Genesis church declined to stop helping others, they arrested Mark and his 3 sons!

They are being held in Federal prison without trial and without bail despite there being no victims.

Mark tells his story from his conversion to Christ to his worldwide missions, to discovering how to treat diseases and the massive testimonials.

They don’t want to go to court since there is so much evidence of their lies and their massive success.

We lifted them up in prayer as the writ is due to be reviewed today, Tue, at 11:35pm EST.

After the interview, Mark asked for prayer and for people to get the books that had specific protocols for different issues and for potential support as they have 5 families that depended on these men’s support.

Then we move to PraiseNPrayer where Rick plays the new worship video and we hear praise reports between songs, have communion and pray for specific prayer request from those watching live.

At the end we pray for justice and blow the sofars.

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