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Biden Out. Who will Trump Face? Dr. Ardis LIVE. B2T Show Feb 13, 2024

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Let’s dig into the News…

Joe Biden ‘enabled’ family’s shady overseas business dealings: Hunter Biden former business associate to the House.  Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of Hunter Biden testified as part of the Biden impeachment inquiry on Tuesday.  He said in his opening statement, he was ‘happy for Americans to finally hear the facts and evidence that I have been trying to outline for over four years, all backed up and supported by emails, texts, documents, records, pictures, and other evidence.”  He said these facts are “important for America’s national security.”  Benny Johnson has a post that says “BREAKING:  Opening statement of Hunter Biden’s former business associate Tony Bobulinski says Joe Biden ‘enabled’ his son to sell access to the United States’ “most dangerous adversaries” including the China, Russia and more.”

Rick shows a post from Jon Herold, Patel Patriot, discussing the Hur report.  The report details that among the classified documents found at the Penn Biden Center was a folder labeled “Ukraine 2/9/15”  Rick discusses part of the post that gives details about Vitaliy Yarema, who was Ukraine’s top prosecutor.

In a post from Praying Medic, Rick reads the post and discusses how the democrats have factions within their party focusing on different agendas, one being loyalty to China, another sympathetic to Iran, and yet another whose main agenda is climate tyranny.  Praying Medic goes into detail on how the democratic party works within these three factions.

Rick shows a clip of a news report about rumors that Michelle Obama is going to be the nominee and the fact that she has made it clear that she has no intention of running.  Rick then goes on to discuss his belief that Biden will not be the nominee in November, and he believes someone else is going to be chosen soon.

JD Vance: Ukraine aid package creates impeachment risk for Trump in his 2nd term.  Rick says with these packages being approved and the money laundering being done, when President Trump comes back into office, when he brings peace and withholds Ukraine funding, they are going to attempt to impeach him again.

All of Trump’s criminal cases hit a critical juncture this week.  Rick talks about how all these cases are being set to happen around Super Tuesday to pull him off the campaign trail.  This is just causing him to be more popular.  Then, we see a Trump Truth saying ‘Joe Biden’s chances vs. Donald Trump “Slim at best: Major Pollster”  Rick goes on to show more ‘Trump Truths’ and discusses the polls that President Trump is posting.

Rick goes over several more articles including one from the New York Post about a Bloodbath at Paramount claiming 800 jobs, illegal immigrants ending the northern border as well as the southern, and Biden interfering in the Hungarian elections.

Rick then plays one of his “Rick’s Alone Time with God” videos, reads some scripture, and plays some music while waiting for Dr. Ardis to come on the show.

When Dr. Ardis joins, he and Rick discuss what he has been doing in the past month and what he is discovering in the medical field.  Dr. Ardis discusses his products and what to use for different issues people may be having or can use as a preventative.  He also discusses more things he has learned about Nicotine and reminds us of what he has already taught us about it.  He then takes questions from the audience about the health conditions people are dealing with.  We always love it when Dr. Ardis comes to visit.  He is very knowledgeable and loves to share it with us.

After Dr. Ardis leaves, Backstage goes into PCR, where they pray for the children and blow the shofars.

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