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Assange is Free. Panic in DC? Chris Burgard LIVE. B2T Show Jun 25, 2024

Show Notes

Julian Assange get a plea bargain deal and is released from a British prison and flies to Australia.

Rick speculates that this could be huge news depending on the plea bargain deal and how much risk Julian decides to take.

Rewinding to 2016 Wikileaks damaged Hillary greatly with truth coming out from her emails every few days.  Imagine this starting to happen again before the 2024 election.

Things are going badly for Biden and if it continues and escalates the Deep State panic will get even worse.

Right now the Lord has the globalist stuck with Biden and they know they cannot swing another stolen election without eliminating Trumps momentum.

Another tranche of documents exposing Biden and the DNC could be devastating.

Another poll shows Trump getting 25% of the black vote which is double what he received in 2020.  This spells already deep trouble for Biden.

SGAnon, who will join the show on July 23, summarized things this way:


You are witnessing the liberation of the man who has the raw_file_copies of the entirety of the HRC/Wash DC/DNC “email server corruption”



Fast and Furious

Extortion 17

Comet Ping Pong

$60K “pizza parties”

Gun running— Latin America

CIA “rogue ops” against American public

Bush war crimes Fallujah

Bush war crimes Mosul

Gilgamesh tomb emails

Obama war crimes Libya

Obama war crimes (Saud) Afghanistan, Sudan, Philippines, etc etc etc

Child sacrifices


Ritualistic cannibalism – government pulpits

Taxation without representation

FBI rogue operators

FBI “plot to kill” POTUS(DJT) pre-2016 election

Foreign mil intelligence lobby control over US Congress (via fronts) — CCP, MI6, Mossad, CIA

“The server brings down the house”


Classic SGAnon!

Rick reviews a new article revealing how the Swamp used J6 in order to spy on more Americans, even more than the Patriot Act allowed after 911.

Then Chris Burgard joins us to discuss his Hollywood background and deep border background.

He first did videos on the Border back in 2006/2007 when he realized this was purposeful by the Bush Administration.

He produced the video “Capital Punishment” a few years ago and then was working on a documentary with Tim Homan, Trump’s ICE Director, exposing the border problems.

After this he was harassed by the FBI and considered a threat to the US Democracy!

Chris does a brilliant job describing what he learned about the Border and J6 and how this was a full setup, and the border is a purposeful attempt to assure the Swamp keeps power.

After the FBI harassment and legal battle, it became clear that they had to continue to expose the J6 narrative.  This was another wake up to the extent of the corruption in our government.

The movie is getting great reviews and the stories are important in helping change the false J6 narrative.

Watch “The War on Truth” here:

Great movie! Support the cause!!’

Chris continues to give outstanding insight into many topics including the plan to disrupt the elections, his theories while looking at numerous scenarios, as well as his insight into illegals and their plan to get them to vote.

Chris also discusses his faith walk, working with His Glory and how he believes the Lord may act on our behalf.

We pray for Chris and then Rick teaches a Bible Study on the seventy two that Jesus sent out coming back with joy because the demons were subject to them in His name!

Watch to better understand our authority in Christ.

We then move backstage for intercessory prayer, prayer for the children and blowing shofars.

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Watch “The War on Truth”

Great movie! Support the cause!!’

Luke 9b Jun 24, 2024

V17 even the demons are subject to us in your name

V18 I saw satan

Fall like lightening from heaven

V19 tread on serpents

The enemy

Nothing shall hurt you

V20 do not rejoice in this

Your names are written in heaven


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