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Archer Bombshell Testimony. Rev Chapter 10. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Jul 31, 2023

B2T Show

Devon Archer confirms that Joe was on business calls over 20 times confirming the bold-face lies of Joe saying he had no contact.

Devon also confirmed that this was for “the brand” of business dealings.  In other words, all the funds came in due to Joe being Vice-President.

The Biden crime family continues to be exposed as prosecutors and the Biden DOJ work to put Trump in jail despite his innocence.

Kirk Elliott comes on to give a financial update and give us details on the recent censoring from Banks across multiple countries based on political views.

As the US moves into more debt, the plan is for a reset and move to digital currency to that the globalist has complete control and insight into your finances.

Having precious metals on-hand and stored is a key strategy during these times.

Rick reviews other news around Hunter’s exposure, potentially 60% gun ownership in the US and Trump threatening to primary Republican’s that won’t hold the Biden’s accountable.

Then Rick teaches on Revelation Chapter 10 and the Angel with the little scroll.

We review other scriptures to determine who most likely this Angel is and how his actions relate to other scriptures in the old and new testament.

We then move to PraiseNPrayer, where Rick has to move to a new method due to video and audio sych issues.

In the end, the Lord shows a new way to play the videos where Rick can be transparent to the left of the screen.

We then go backstage, and many help Rick create new views and test sound for the upcoming shows!

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