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Amanda Grace & Donne LIVE! MSM Attacks New Speaker. B2T Show Oct 26, 2023

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Amanda Grace and Donne Clement Patricia join us LIVE after 30 minutes of breaking news!

The newly elected House Speaker, Mike Johnson, is an evangelical believer and one of the first thing he did is get the house to pray.

Mike is also a huge MAGA supporter, and we learned from Matt Gaetz that McCarthy was torpedoing every candidate behind closed doors.

In fact, after Tom Emmer, who Trump did not support, withdrew his bid for speaker a motion for a unanimous consent was made to override rules and immediately nominate the 2nd person in votes, Mike Johnson.

Guess who objected to that motion?

It was Keven McCarthy!

This action finally outed him as trying to sabotage everyone, no matter who it was, to create a path for him to come back in.

McCarthy was going to create a special position for Jim Jordon and make promises to others to create a new path for him to regain power.

Rick reviews this and news around the miraculous unanimous support for Mike Johnson!

Johnson’s first objectives is to address the debt and the border, however, there is already a proposal to give Israel billions more to create more debt issues.

We also looked at the latest news around the Israel war and the complications with Israel friends supposedly being Biden, Trudeau and Macron.

With these friends, who needs enemies?

The Pentagon is now authorizing more troops to be deployed to the middle east as over 75% of American’s support our marines going in to rescue American hostages in Gaza.

Rick covers other breaking news before Amanda and Donne join the programme.

Donne gives her perspective on her dad’s prophesies on Israel and the truther movement around anti-Isreal Zionism and the Khazarian Jew theory of most jews not being bloodline jews and actually evil people.

Donne discusses the rabbit holes that can keep us from having a correct view of Biblical history and the future of Israel and the church.

Amanda reviews a prophesy from Yom Kippur (September 25) that warned McCarthy that he would lose his seat, which happened quickly and unexpectantly.

She also reviews key parts of this prophetic word that ties back to some wording from Kim Clement prophesies that Donne discusses.

Rick makes sure everyone knows how to find Amanda and Donne on their websites that you can find in the Show notes links and continues the fascinating discussion.

Amanda continues to give more insights to her prophetic word that seems to discuss the Lord yoking several key leaders in Israel and the United States.

Rick discusses his belief that this could be Netanyahu and Trump.

We get more insight from both Amanda and Donne on various topics around our current state and likely events to occur.

To end the interview, Gus asks Donne to discuss the fulfillment of a short prophesy of her dad with “A man named Donald and a man named Clark”…

Donne gives a great description of how this was fulfilled over various timeframes and events.

Then we pray for Amanda and Donne’s specific requests and we get to see the spirit comfort them and us all.

Sury, a former Muslim who worships with us backstage, discussed a message for Donne that she received from a friend.

Afterwards we move to PraiseNPrayer and go deep into worship and hear multiple praise reports from Rick, Teresa and Elizabeth. We continue to worship and pray for specific needs.

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