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A New Europe! Macron Dissolves Govt. and More. PraiseNPrayer. B2T Show June 10, 2024

Show Notes

Let’s jump into the news…

Jury deliberations will continue Tuesday in Hunter Biden gun trial.

Hunter Biden returns to the Delaware courthouse for the sixth day of his federal gun crime trial Monday.  The first son may testify in the case this week as the defense calls its own witnesses.

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In a Telegram post from End Wokeness, it shows the massive changes happening in Europe.

The post shows information about major changes happening in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Spain, and Luxemburg and says the list goes on.

Another post says, A massive political earthquake just ROCKED Germany.

Rick shows a video clip from the Behold Israel Telegram channel of people in France celebrating.

In a post from Amir Tsarfati, we see him talking about the European Parliament elections where Yolanda Diaz, who recently called for the establishment of a Palestinian state from the river to the sea, announced her resignation as the head of the extreme left wing “Somar”.

Rick talks about this being a conservative movement all around the world and what is happening is proving this.

Forget Stoves! The Biden admin is working overtime to phase out all your gas appliances.

Rick shows a video clip from the US Civil Defense News with an update about a Russian warship including a nuclear submarine in Havan harbor just off the coast of Florida.

CBS host shocked by poll showing 62% of registered voters support deporting all illegal immigrants.

“What exactly do people think they’re supporting?” Margaret Brennan asked during ‘Face the Nation.’

NBC: Biden may negotiate separately with Hamas for US hostages.

America doesn’t negotiate with hostages but under the Biden regime, they do.

Andrew McCabe: ‘Top FBI officials preparing to FLEE U.S. if Trump wins.’

Rick says they better because they are treasonous people.

AOC whines Trump will ‘throw her in jail’ if he wins election.

Rick says she has way less to worry about than those that have committed actual treason.

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Rick shows new poll numbers and discusses the numbers.

The next post is about state polls and which ones President Trump has led in.

In the Trump’s Truth section, President Trump has a post about taxes and what is plan is for service workers with regard to taxes on tips.

Rick shows a video on the moment our three male hostages were rescued.

A Telegram post describes this rescue in detail calling it ‘Operation Arnon.’

My house will always be open – stories from the Gaza siege.

The man that wrote this story was a journalist who was holding the hostages in his home.

After the rescue, the Palestine Chronicle changed his job title to contributor.

In an article from The Times of Israel, the doctor who treated the rescues said the hostages were beaten and abused ‘almost every day.’

Rick goes into a segment covering SGAnon’s posts.  He is on @TheQNewsPatriot on X (formerly Twitter).

California owes Feds $53 million in ‘improperly’ claimed Medicaid reimbursements for nonsitizens.

A recent inspector general report revealed that California illegally provided services to ‘noncitizens with unsatisfactory status.’

Rick shows a webpage of Shavuot that will be celebrated Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at sundown.  This is the Biblical Passover.

Rick then goes to an article from Behold Israel that discusses the True Meaning of the Feast of Weeks, also known as Shavuot.

After the discussion about Shavuot, Rick goes into PraiseNPrayer and takes praise reports and prayer requests.

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