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2020 Fraud Exposed! Hidden Report-Secret Mtgs. PraiseNPrayer! B2T Show Feb 19, 2024

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Juan O’Savin said that big election fraud evidence would be coming out after Feb 15, so I found these 3 stories…

  1. Tucker Carson Interviews Mike Benz who explains in detail how the “Security State” created massive censorship to steal the 2020 election.

It’s actually very scary to hear all the organizations and governmental agencies domestic and foreign that were and are now used to do mass censorship to protect the globalist agenda.

  1. A secret meeting was discovered with Dominion, DHS and many other “Security State” players that happened mid-day on election day 2020.

Rick believes this was an obvious coordination meeting to shut the machines down if necessary to steal the election.

  1. A FOIA request finally got a report from CISA that showed that the former CISA Director, Chris Kreb, lied when he stated the 2020 election was “the most secure election” in the history of the US.

In fact, the report revealed vulnerabilities in 76% of Election Infrastructure Entities!  And many other vulnerabilities showing that our Election Infrastructure is a joke!

Referring to the 3 stories above, I sent them to Juan O’Savin and asked via text:

“Was this the reveal you were expecting?”

Reply from Juan:

“No.  It’s two part.  The documented proof of foreign collusion from three letters which constitutes foreign interference.  Many people will go away for life over this.  The full magnitude will be revealed very shortly.  Lives are in transit now this minute to protect the innocent.”

Kirk Elliott comes on to discuss new developments where banks are required to have 20% coverage of their assets which is not causing smaller banks to assimilate into the larger banks.

This is just another indication of potential huge economic downturns and bank failures.

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Rick reviews more news around the Israel war, the Supreme Court and Trump Derangement Syndrom.

Rick then teaches on Philippians Chapter 2 around Christ’s example of humility.

We then do about 90 minutes of PraisNPrayer where we hear some incredible praise reports and prayers in between amazing praise and worship.

Then Nathan French comes on live to discuss his experience of “Hearing from God”

He is the author of “It’s Not Meant to be a Secret – God Wants to Speak to You”

Don’t miss this and join backstage to get the entire recording when Amanda Grace and Chris come on!!

Actual healings happen online, and Nathan blows a shofar Amanda gave him and he sees a key fall for his new event center we were paying for!

Then Nathan blows the shofar for Amanda’s new sanctuary we are believing for!

The Rumble stream dropped, so you will need a backstage pass to get the entire recording.

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