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Underground War Update! Gene Decode on DUMBs. B2T Show Jan 23

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DUMB & Tunnel Decode Update (Jan 23, 2020)

Hello Patriots your prayers have the enemy in retreat and vast disarray!!

The War Beneath Our Feet goes well for the Army of God!


The U.S. Army is gearing up to join the fray!!

U.S. Army developing new equipment for future subterranean …U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force Subterranean Exercise

U.S. Army Rapid Equipping Force Subterranean Exercise

In February 2017, the REF partnered with Asymmetric Warfare Group and 307th Brigade Engineer Battalion at the Mu…
4:09 long especially important is what is said at :55

Other links on the new U.S. Army DUMB takeout Army branch

The New AWG (The U.S. Army Asymmetric Warfare Group)

Now being funded for $572 million, POTUS is serious about winning this one!!


AWG Subterranean Risk Reduction Exercise prepares … –



For those that would like a book on the DUMBs;

Remember these???

And for those that did not believe they could be a 5-star hotel!

Now the Patriots of The American Military forces have found a big under ocean facility off the coast of California

And they have found the Point Magu Submarine Entrance!!!

Using the Google Earth coordinates —34° 1’23.31″N 118° 59’45.64″W

Remember these maps?

Go to the USGS site at the bottom of:



Especially check out the Earthquakes in Oklahoma in the last 30 days where there has not been an earthquake in 80 years!!!

Mr. Field McConnel comments on the DUMBs;

start at 2:10

The Navy too is helping!


GPS black out in order to make cover for air strikes on DUMBs throughout the area—Bunker buster bombs!





For those that do not understand why Latitude and Longitude are provided; it is NOT to make this sound official!  You can NOT enter the name of a DUMB into Siri and expect ANY result.

How else can you find a base that is underground and often with a hidden entrance in the middle of a rural road?  Latitude and Longitude of course!  Old fashioned but it works.


  1. Brooks Range.
  2. & 3. Delta Junction & Ft. Greeley:  In the same Delta Junction area.


  1. Fort Huachuca–31° 50′ N., 110° 119.48” W.
  2. Luke Air Force Base.
  3. Gates Pass Base.
  4. Gila Mountain Area–South of Interstate 8 approx. 30 miles east of Yuma, AZ. 29° N., 116º W.
  5. Grand Wash Cliffs–Western edge of the cliffs at the head of Grapevine Wash.  Must be reached via Hwy. 93 & then unpaved roads.
  6. Green Valley.
  7. Hualapai Mountains–East side of the mountain range, about 35 miles. SE of Kingman.
  8. Rincon Mtn.–North side of Rincon Mtn.
  9. Mt. Lemmon.
  10. Page.
  11. Safford.
  12. Santa Catalina Mountains.
  13. Sedona, Arizona–detainment camp:  Located under the Enchantment Resort in Boynton Canyon.


  1. Yucca (Mtns.)–located just off I-40 can easily be seen North of the Hwy., currently has 4 massive large power cables penetrating into the mountain.


  1. In the vicinity of Hardy & Cherokee Village--36° 19′ N., 119° 29’ W.  Taken under white hat control during hurricane Dorian.
  2. Pine Bluff–34° 13.4′ N., 92º 01.0’ W. to 34º 30′ N., 92° 30’ W.


  1. 29 Palms Marine Base–Identified on military map as airspace area R-2501 N.:  Southeast of Ludlow.
  2. China Lake, mind control & weapons research.(Neutralized  then destroyed by tactical nuke causing a series of quakes between 6.4 & 7.1 on 8 & 9 July, &

    California Earthquakes Leave Naval Station China Lake ‘Not Mission Capable’

  3. Darwin–4 miles dues West of Darwin city.
  4. Deep Springs–37° 22′ N., 117º 59.3′ W.  
  5. Fort Irwin–35° 20’N., 116° 8’W.:  Detainment camp.
  6. Edwards Air Force Base–in the area where Diamond Cr. & the S. fork of the Yuba meet:  34°8′ N., 117° 48′ W.
  7. George Air Force Base.
  8. Helendale–Lock Head Underground Facility:  34º 44.7′ N., 118.5° W.  
  9. Los Angeles–On Hwy. 14 towards Edwards A.F.B. after Palmdale:  Turn off to 170th street, North on 170th St. to the Rosamond 170th intersection.
  10. Mt. Shasta—advanced space technology base, genetic experiments, magnetic advance, space & beam weaponry.
  11. Kern River–the hollowed-out mountain next to the hydroelectric facility at the Kern River Project near Bakersfield.
  12. Napa Valley–located at Oakville Grade north of Napa:  Tunnels also connect the wineries north of Napa, used for white slavery & mind-control,
  13. Norton Air Force Base.
  14. Quincy–39° 56.2′ N., 120° 56.5′ W.
  15. Near Palmdale–take Palmdale Blvd. to 240th St.  Go to Ave R-8, at the Eastern limit of Ave. One can see it better from the Three Sisters Hills to the south of the facility.  It is involved in hi-tech aerospace technology.
  16. Presidio–A FEMA/DOD site for Region IX’s regional office.(Neutralized with underground burn out.  Caused fires to be seen in Porter Ranch coming out of manhole covers, see linkSmoke and flames coming up out of sewers in California fires
  17. San Bernadino–34º 50′ N. to 34° 16′ N.; was under the entire San Bernadino valley.

Neutralized with tactical nuke–4.5 & 3.2 San Francisco earth quake on 14 Oct.. see Link: Recent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – Index Map

  1. Santa Barbara County–placed in the thick diatomite strata.
  2. Santa Rosa–38º 26.4′ N., 122º 42.9′ W:  FEMA Regional center for the West coast,
  3. Sierra Nevada Mountains–very deep base
  4. Tehachapi Ranch–Tecachapi Canyon was finished in Sept. ’95.  This is the “Unholy 6” base. 35° 20′ N., 118° 40′ W.
  5. Trona–35° 45.5′ N., 117º 22.6′ W.–several miles northwest of Trona, directly under Argus Peak.  This DUMB sits on China Lake’s NWC’s land, built in the ’60s  *(Neutralized with primary China Lake facility.  See #15 above).
  6. Benicia. (Neutralized with underground burn out.  Caused fires to be seen in Porter Ranch coming out of manhole covers, see linkRecent Earthquakes in California and Nevada – Index Map
  7. Catalina Island. 
  8. Chocolate Mountains.
  9. Death Valley–entrance to the Death Valley Tunnel is in the Panamint Mountains down on the lower edge of the range near Wingate Pass, in the bottom of an abandoned mine shaft.
  10. Lancaster–Aircraft design, anti-gravity engineering, Stealth craft and testing.  42 levels.
  11. Lawrence-Livermore International Labs–has the Human Genome Mapping project on chromosome #19 & a newly built $1.2 billion laser facility.
  12. Moreno Valley.
  13. Mt. Lassen. 
  14. Needles.
  15. Palmdale–New Aircraft Design, anti-gravity research.. (Neutralized with underground burn out.  Caused fires to be seen in Porter Ranch coming out of manhole covers, see link:

Smoke and flames coming up out of sewers in California fires

  1. Tehachapi Facility–Northrop, -Tejon Ranch, 42 levels.
  2. Ukiah.
  3. Kokoweef Peak


  1. Alamosa–37° 28.1′ N., 105° 52.2’ W.
  2. Book Cliffs–39° 40′ N., 108º 0′ W. near Rifle.58. Boulder–The headquarters for EMC, a type of electro-magnetic mind control broadcast to modify the thinking of Americans, & to control Mk Ultra slaves, genetics, geology/mining as related to tunneling and underground construction.
  3. Boulder
  4. Colorado Springs, NORAD–
  5. Fort Collins.
  6. & 62. Denver/DIA complex—DIA consists of 5 buildings, 2 of 70 floors.

2 labs destroyed by scientist that gave their lives to stop the release of a Kuru Deep State Dead Man switch in 2012 (required Pena Blvd. to be torn up, to facilitate cleanup, & then rebuilt).

  1. Grand Mesa.  
  2. Montrose–North of Paradox, in Paradox Valley.  The site in Paradox Valley can be reached via Hwy. 90 via Nucla.
  3. Creede–reached through old mine shafts.
  4. Delta. 
  5. Falcon Air Force Base–Satellite Control.
  6. Gore Range Near Lake, West of Denver–Library & Central Data Bank.
  7. San Juan Valley–Hidden beneath an operating Buffalo grazing ground.
  8. Telluride.
  9. Warden Valley West of Fort Collins.
  10. Montrose–North of Paradox, in Paradox Valley.  The site in Paradox Valley can be reached via Hwy. 90 via Nucla.


  1. N.W. Connecticut.


  1. Pt. St. Lucie–Massive base (taken under white hat control during Hurricane Dorian, see Dorian decodes by Gene & SB2).
  2. Eglin AFB–30º 40′ N., 86° 50′ W.


76.–78. Atlanta–Atlanta has 3 underground installations in its area

  1. Thomasville–30° 50.2′ N., 83° 58.9′ W
  2. Dobbins Air Force Base, Marrietta


  1. Ali Manu Crater—under military housing, known as the tunnel, for nuclear weapons storage.  Facility underlies ALL of the Island of Oahu & connects to the Island of Hawaii.Under white hat control since 2017 nuclear missile launch on Hawaii.
  2. Hana


  1. Lower Goose Lake area in the general area of Oakley
  2. South central Idaho–under the Snake River lava flows between Twin Falls & Idaho Falls

Here again look at the earthquakes at the end of 2019!


  1. Bedford & Lawrence area–continued activity in large old mines, indicates a possible government use of the large old quarries.
  2. Kokomo.


  1. Atchison–the DIPEF underground facility.
  2. Fairview–AT & T underground facility.
  3. Kinsley
  4. Hutchinson–the entrance to the tunnel is underneath Hutchinson Hospital & is huge.
  5. Kansas City–Entrance near Worlds of Fun 3.


  1. Camp David
  2. Below Ft. Meade, of the National Security Agency–10 acres of the most sophisticated supercomputers that can be built (The Hammer, see SB2 decode).
  3. Olney
  4. Suitland
  5. Edgewood Arsenal


  1. Maynard–42° 26.0′ N., 71° 27.0′ W


  1. Battle Creek–42° 19.3′ N., 85° 10.9′ W.:  FEMA, regional center, activity secret (not validated).
  2. Gwinn–46° 16.8’ N., 87° 26.5′ W.:  Large underground base key sending signals.  An AFB is nearby.
  3. Under Lake Superior–5,000′ deep.


  1. 12 miles South of Lebanon–36° 02.8′ N., 115° 24.3′ W.:  Near the newly created town of Twin Bridges.
  2. In the Bat/Dry/Dead Man/ Howell cluster of caves.
  3. St. Francis Mountains–between St. Louis & New Madrid.


  1. Bozeman—Genetics.


  1. North-central.
  2. Red Willow–near McCook.


  1. Blue Diamond–36° 02.8’ N., 115° 24.3 W.

108.-112. Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland/Area 51/The Area/the Spot/Red Square/Sally Corridor & Watertown Strip–11° 50’ N., 37° 20′ W


  1. & 114. Two large underground facilities close to but separate from Groom Lake but controlled by demonic beings–Papoose Range & Cockeyed Ridge (S-4) underground bases.

115.–121. S-2, S-4, S-6, & S-66 underground installations–S-66 is the most secret.  29 levels,11,300′ deep.

  1. Quartzite Mountain—S.E. of Tonopah, 37° 31‘ N., 116° 20’ W.
  2. Tonopah–Airforce, C_A deals with secret aircraft.
  3. Blue Diamond.
  4. Fallon Air Force Base area–the flats, near Reno, “American City”.
  5. Mercury.
  6. San Gabriel–(mountains) On Western side of Mojave.


128-130. Three underground installations in

New Hampshire’s hills.

Wheel lock park in New Hampshire, DUMB entrance.

Tunnel entrance in dirt pit up to the North west corner sand pit area.

Wheel lock gematria = (Jewish) 1021= High level global elite; Jack the ripper; ATT Soul scalping itself

564 (English) = submerged; Snowden;

Tunnel goes to Monadnock mountain which has a DUMB under it.

Monadnock mountain is part of Monadnock state park.

Monad means; an elementary individual substance which reflects the order of the world and from which material properties are derived

Nock means;

1: one of the notches cut in either of two tips of horn fastened on the ends of a bow or in the bow itself for holding the string

2a: the part of an arrow having a notch for the bowstring

b: the notch itself

Monadnock in Jewish

Gematria equals: 228

Monadnock in English

Gematria equals: 540

Monadnock in Simple

Gematria equals: 90

228 = Meaning of life; Draconian; Look Here;

Battle; Chisamba Obama; Shinar; Coming

Race; Alien Beings; el Gog, and M Gog; 540 & 90 = Spell God; God is here; I am Chiron; Blue Owl el Gog, and M Gog = gogmagog war before rapture

Chisamba Obama = Chisamba is an area in

Zambia where 53 people were killed (believed to be by Obama)

Chiron was a Centaur (of spring of Satan)

Shinar = Baal; Molech, Belus; Bei; draconian

  1. of the God Draco also 1law: of, relating to, or characteristic of Draco or the severe code of laws held to have been framed by him


Portsmouth Naval Shipyard has a DUMB under it that has submarine tunnel to the Connecticut river.-127. Three underground installations in New Hampshire’s hills.


  1. Picatinny Arsenal–40° 38’N., 74° 32′ W.:  1/4 cubic mile large & very deep underground.


  1. Dulce.

133.–135. White Sands–Alamogordo Area 3 DUMBS.

  1. Albuquerque–(AFB).
  2. & 138. Datil & Pie Town–Carlsbad Cavern area & another base to the east.
  3. & 140. Los Alamos & Taos area facility.
  4. Angel Peak–Carlsbad Cavern area (now destroyed), 32° 25.0’ N., 104° 14.0′ W.

142.-144. Dulce–36º 56.0’ N., 106° 59.8’ W.

  1. Kirtland AFB–Sandia National Lab.
  2. Manzano Mtn., near Albuquerque–known as the Kirtland Munitions Storage Complex:
  3. Pie Town–34° 17.9’ N., 108° 08.7’ W.
  4. Sandia Mountains–NE of Albuquerque.
  5. North of Taos Pueblo.
  6. White Sands–32° 22.8’ N., 106° 28.8’ W.
  7. Cordova
  8. Sunspot


  1. Adirondack Mountains–near Elizabethtown.
  2. New York Metro area.  
  3. Plattsburgh–(near Canada and St. Albans) AFB, 49° 40’ N., 73° 33′ W.


  1. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton–stealth technology & prototype craft.


  1. Ada–34° 46.4′ N., 96° 40.7′ W.:  This base does human cloning, & it is FEMA’s most sensitive base.
    158. Ashland Naval Ammunition Depot–34° 45.9’ N., 96° 04.3’ W.



  1. Bull Run–North side of Bull Run Reservoir area near Mt. Hood, very close to Larch Mtn. & south of Benson St. Park of the Columbia Gorge.

160.-163. Coos Bay area has three separate but coordinating DUMBS.

  1. Klamath Falls–since Sept. ’95
  2. Cave Junction–near Hope Mountain. Close to Applegate Lake.  
  3. Crater Lake.
  4. Wimer–(Ashland Mt. area): Underground Chemical Storage Levels.


  1. Blue Ridge Summit–near Ft. Ritchie, known as ‘Raven Rock” or “Site R”, Army:
  2. Raven–(near Ligonier):  working back up underground for the Pentagon – sister site of Mt. Weather.


  1. Ft. Hood–31° 15’ N., 97° 48′ W.
  2. Denton–33° 13.2’ N., 97° 08.2’ W.– FEMA, regional center, activity secret.
  3. Red River Arsenal.
  4. Calvert.
  5. Fort Hood–detainment camp.
  6. Fort Stockton.


  1. Dugway;
  2. Kennecott Copper Company


  1. Bluemont, Mount Weather base

Mt. Weather is also a known relocation site for high levels of US civilian and military leaders in the event of a national emergency. Known as Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, located in Virginia.

  1. Culpepper–38° 28.5’ N., 77° 59.8’ W.:  2 miles East of Culpepper off of Rt. 3.
  2. Pentagon, Arlington.
  3. & 182. Warrington Training Center.
  4. Treasure Island Taken control of by white hats during hurricane Dorian (see Dorian decode).

184.Mount Poney–Near Culpepper.


  1. Mt. Rainier.
  2. Bothell–47° 45.7’ N., 122° 12.2’ W.:  FEMA, regional center, activity unknown.


  1. WHITE HOUSE–38° 53.5’ N., 77° 02.0’ W.


  1. Sugar Grove–the Navy’s Strategic Intelligence Services microwave communications.
  2. White Sulphur Springs–under the Greenbriar Hotel


  1. Riverton.
  2. Confidential: Is currently being fought

for & is too classified to be covered here.


  1. San Antonio, Puerto Rico
  2. Guanaco, Puerto Rico (Earthquake this week)

Canadian DUMBs

  1. Great Lakes
  2. Great Lakes Triangle
  3. Lake Ontario, MONTREAL
  4. Newfoundland, Ontario
  5. Ottawa, Toronto
  6. Calgary, Alberta
  7. Toronto, CanadaThere is a small opening to the underground tunnels off Parliament Street in downtown Toronto. The entrance is between two apartment buildings, and leads to the tunnels via the sewers.  The underground city beneath Toronto has its center beneath Gerrard Street and Church Street. Above this area, strange magnetic effects have been observed.  (Note: This corner of Gerrard & Church streets has a higher accident rate than anywhere else in Toronto. It is believed that underground equipment utilizing powerful magnetic fields (which have caused many strange magnetic effects in houses near this intersection) are responsible for the bizarre equipment failures that often are the cause of these accidents.) The Indians near Toronto have legends of these tunnels.
  8. NewFoundland
  9. The Nahanni Valley–This covers 250 square miles in the southern end of the Mackenzie Mountains of Canada. It lies almost 550 miles due west of Fort Simpson on the Mackenzie River of northwest Canada.  Hot springs and sulfur geysers keep the valley warmer than the surrounding areas by about 30 degrees year -round (the valley is above 60 degrees latitude), making it perpetually mist-covered.
  10. Brooks Range – Area Schwatka Mountains
  11. Mount Greenough
  12. Richardson Mountains – Area Mount Hare


  1. Teotihuacan
  2. Mexico City
  3. The Liyobaa Cave, Zapoteca Region


  1. Diego De Almagro, Chili
  2. San Antonio de los Cobre,


  1. Bentwaters
  2. Meriwith Hill–NSA facility
  3. Rudloe Manor Wiltshire Just outside of Bath, Southern England
  4. Staffordshire
  5. Suffolk


  1. Brecon Beacons Wales

Grenada Islands

  1. Under the islands


  1. Pine Gap—Particle and DEW weapons research, genetics, high level black ops. C_A.13 Floors. Space tracking.
  2. Mount Ziel
  3. Canberra
  4. Snowy Mountains

New Zealand

  1. TeAnau

Papua New Guinea

  1. Kokopo

Fiji Islands

  1. ?


  1. Saumlaki

New Caledonia

  1. Isle of Hunter


  1. Ramenki–Could hold 120,000 people.
  2. Yamantan Mountain, Belorelsk area, Southern Urals
  3. Tundra – Peninsula of Kola
  4. Siberia – Area Chatanga where the rivers Kotuja and Cheta meet.
  5. Egveknot,


  1. Gottland Island


  1. Narvik


  1. Mount Blanc


  1. Area Cape Farvel


  1. The Nyala range
  2. West of Kindu


  1. Next to the Libyan border


  1. Earthquake during Iraq embassy situation that was under the Iran nuclear power plant 2 miles down.


  1. The Maltese Cave


  1. Iwo Jima


  1. Lshnje


  1. Mindoro, Magsaysay, Davao on the island of Mindanao. Battle in progress. 13th earthquake of 6.1, 6.4 and 6.7, building collapse killing 26 people involved in human trafficking.

North Pole

  1. NORTH POLE A Regulator of Communication with other Bases


  1. Admiralty Mountains – Mt. Levick – On top of the Ice. –Weather regulator, Human experiments to make bodies tough. Radio interference, and checking communications of Southern Hemisphere.  Highly sophisticated Atomic Reactor. Unconventional Atomic.
  2. Sör Rondane Mountains.


  1. Jokulsaarglifur National Park


  1. Finmark–Atomic Energy research


  1. Nordland, on the border
  2. Norbottens Län


  1. Area Río Pico. Latitude about 44 ½ degrees
  2. North of Arroyo Apeleg.


  1. Corcovado
  2. West Side of the Province, Northern part. Area Lago Futalauquen
  3. Northern part of the Province – Area Villa de Maria
  4. SAN JUAN – North West from the Province – Area Cerro las Tórtolas–IN THIS AREA THERE ARE TWO BASES
  5. North of the Maipo Volcano, but less high than the volcano itself.
  6. -7. Area Cerro Aconcagua on the Argentinean side. TWIN BASES
  7. Jujuy Province
  8. Area of Cafayate town
  9. Area Sierra de Calalasta, North of the Province of Catamarca


  1. Perdido is in the Pyrnees Mountains, between France and Spain –Mt. Perdido, aka Mt. Perdu, is 3,352 m, 11,007 ft. high and is the third highest mountain in the Pyrenees.
  2. Liyobaa cave


  1. Island of Novoja


  1. Inyangani, Zimbabwe–It is a tubular grid system ‘for ionizing a layer of air.

Deuteronomy 28:52

And he shall besiege thee in all thy gates, until thy high and fenced walls come down, wherein thou trustedst, throughout all thy land: and he shall besiege thee in all thy gates throughout all thy land, which the Lord thy God hath given thee.

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