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Gene Decode! Deep Underground Base Details: Part 10 – Aus-tralia. B2T Show Sep9, 2020

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The British colonised Australia in 1788 (= 6)

232 years of Cabal Control

Acknowledgement to Country

‘In the spirit of recognition

The Australian Gene Decode , Blessed to Teach Teams & Guests acknowledge

the Traditional Custodians of country throughout Australia and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past, present, emerging and extend that respect to all Original and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.’

We walk together

Neighbours Indonesia, New Zealand & Antarctic

Australia is about the same size as continental USA.

USA Population in 2020 is 330,052,960.

Australia population 2020 is 25,499,884.

The Capitol of Australia is Canberra-

Our Original peoples word for meeting place.

It is also known as the Bush Capital.

Canberra sits inside it’s own Territory,

Australian Capital Territory or A.C.T.

The A.C.T. sits inside the state of New South Wales or NSW, half way between Sydney and Melbourne, Victoria.

To the east of the A.C.T. there is another pocket of territory that houses Canberras’ Military bases, it’s on the coast at Jervis Bay .

To the South west is the Snowy Mountains.

Canberra was Founded in 1913,

125 years after Britain assumed

ownership of Australia.

Original Plan Canberra

Canberra – a completely purpose built city- to house the nations Capitol and administration & was to be NWO HQ.

Symbology Of Parlimentary triangle –

Symbology  Canberra to Washington

– from 1:03

Tour around Canberra video-

Symbology of Canberra-

9 places in Canberra of interest

1- New parliament house-

opened in 1988

Positioned as the capstone of the

“Parliamentary triangle”

Parliament House Australia, full of symbols.

2- Australian-American Defence alliance- Eagle Obelisk-

Located in front of Defence Headquarters Russell

In 1948 the Australian-American Association proposed “to establish a

Memorial in Canberra in the form of a monument or statue, to perpetuate the services and sacrifices of the United States forces in Australia and to

symbolise Australian-American comradeship in arms”. Australians paid 60,0000 pounds for it.

Eagle looking over to old parliament.

The “monument” 73m/239.5 f column topped with an 11m/36 f Total of 74m/ 275.5 f  eagle and sphere.

3- City Hill-  Adjacent to Law Courts and entertainment precinct.

4- Old Parliament House 1927

Old Parliament House in Front of New Parliament House.

5- Telstra tower- Black Mountain- 1980

Canberra Population  in 1980 was only 222,400

Called the Telstra telecommunication tower Rising 195.2 meters above the summit.The mountain, predominantly quartz impregnated sandstone.

6- Fairbairn former RAAF Base

7- Signals Directorate- HMAS Harman Linked

to HMAS Creswell Jervis Bay

8-War Memorial

9- Telstra Deakin Exchange,Home to Canberra Echelon and a very deep Dumb



If we stand behind the war Memorial looking out over to the mountains, there is some forgotten history. Looking South West

Mount Bimberi, was once taught, as the site that

Canberras’ Parliamentary triangle pointed toward.

It is in fact indicating another DUMB

Snowy Mountains are about 170 km or 105 miles long and are adjacent to Canberra.

In 1959 it was decided to create power supply for a nation and the Snowy Mountain Scheme was publicly commenced. Immigrants were brought in to work on creating a network of tunnels through the mountain range that created Hydro Electric generation and irrigation. Dams were Built, towns flooded in its creation.

Photos of the publicly known tunnels

                         1949-74 technology

The Snowy Mountains Scheme-atic

The Snowy Mountains scheme or Snowy scheme is a hydroelectricity and irrigation complex in south-east Australia.

The Scheme consists of sixteen major dams; nine power stations; one pumping station; and 225 kilometres (140 mi) of tunnels, pipelines and aqueducts that were constructed between 1949 and 1974.

PINE GAP –  The Cold War period of 1947–1991

Project RAINFALL: The Secret History of Pine Gap

by  Tom Gilling

At the height of the Cold War the chief of one of Australia’s spy agencies joined three CIA men at a remote site in Central Australia to toast the success of a top secret project known in US intelligence circles as RAINFALL.

The CIA listening station at Pine Gap was officially called the Joint Defence Space Research Facility, but it had nothing to do with research and was joint in name only: Australians were hired as cooks and janitors but the first spies were all American.

The job of the satellites controlled from Pine Gap was to eavesdrop on Soviet missile tests. While government ministers denied that Australia was a nuclear target, bureaucrats in Canberra secretly planned for Armageddon in the suburbs of Alice Springs. No longer just a listening station, Pine Gap has metamorphosed into a key weapon in the Pentagon’s war on terror, with Australians in frontline roles.

Outside Pine Gap, there are some 38 radar dishes pointing skyward, many of them concealed underneath golfball-like shells

PINE GAP- multi-levelled underground facility maintained by the Club of Rome’s military-industrial complex, is located near Alice Springs.

Mind-controlled military workers in upper levels; lower levels are several levels of computer mainframes connected to other major computer mainframes all over the world, a potential electronic control centre for the New World Order, Inc., controlled by the Club of Rome and the Bilderberger group which is composed of 39 members at the core [13 Maltese Jesuits, 13 Wicca Masons and 13 Black Nobility).

Particle and DEW weapons research, genetics, high level black ops. C_A. 13 Floors, Space tracking.

Pine Gap, Australia is the largest CIA NRO facility outside of the USA. Located deep in the outback near Alice Springs the base staffs up to 1000 people including members of US Army, US Air Force, 704th military Intel, and 743rd Intelligence Battalion Marine Cryptologic command.

The facility bores 28,000 feet deep or 5.3 miles into the ground where a massive underground antenna array is positioned to create gigantic standing wave fields around the entire planet and to play havoc with the inner earth. The National Reconnaissance Office uses this antenna to monitor all communications not only of civilian and military channels but extraterrestrial as well.

The area around the base is a natural dimensional doorway or star gate for incoming crafts. To manage this traffic Pine Gap uses a nuclear powered UFO guidance system transceiver to direct ships that are flying in a straight line to and from the base. Alien liaisons embedded with military and government is standard issue

What Lies Below Pine Gap Australia?

About 120 km / 80 miles west-northwest

of Pine Gap

Mount Zeil

  Underground Facility in Australia’s Northern Territory

Backstage by James Casbolt

According to my NSA contact ‘X3’ the Mt Ziel underground facility is the twin facility to the Pine Gap base in Northern Australia.

The following is part of an EYES ONLY document that was given to me by X3 regarding Pine Gap.

‘Pine Gap – Alice Springs, Australia. This base is a massive multi-levelled facility run by the 33rd degree of Zion which, fronting as the Bilderberger organisation, is the control and command centre with the Rothschild apparatus Illuminati. Pine Gap is a major control center for the New World Order Dictatorship and is equipped with levels of computer terminals tied-in to the major computer mainframes of the world’.

‘The Mt Zeil underground base is a Anunnaki stronghold. The Anunnaki (who may be from the Sirius star system) have a loose strategic alliance with the Draco Prime Reptilains from the Draconis star system. Both ET groups have timetabled this planet for invasion and takeover. However with the many positive ET races including the Pleiadians that are helping Humanity I do not believe this will happen.’

‘Mt. Ziel, a personnel center, in Australia’s Northern Territory. It is interesting that this unit appears to have the most personnel. Mt. Ziel had personnel for all bases and is the homosapiens introduction point.’ He observed.

Price (Northern Australia’s CIA station chief) also noted that the site should be approached with caution,

“…this is a dead assignment, nothing is going on other than all those UFO’s flying around Mt. Ziel.”

At the March 5, 2000 Annual International UFO Congress held at the River Palms Resort in Laughlin, Nevada, Leonard Buchanan confirmed the existence of four previoExtraterrestrial bases discovered on planet Earth. Mr. Buchanan detailed his background as a military controlled remote viewer (CRV).

His company trains CRVers at all levels and performs CRV work for individuals, corporations, and government agencies. Mr. Buchanan is also a lifelong psychic as well as an alien abductee. During the military controlled remote viewing sessions, trained observers discovered four extraterrestrial bases found across the globe.

These ET bases are located at:

Mt. Parted in Northern Spain

Mt. Inyangani in Zimbabwe

Mt. Hayes, Alaska

Mt. ZIEL, Australia

Pyrenees location is a “main base” from which “flying units” (UFOs) took off and landed and was under Mount Perdido. The African b

ase under Mount Inyangani is a base for maintenance and repair.

The base under Mount Ziel in Australia if for a mixture of “personnel” from the other bases while the fourth, under Mount Hayes in Alaska, is a weather and geological

Learmonth / Exmouth / North West Cape Complex


RAAF Base Learmonth, also known as Learmonth Airport, is a joint use

Royal Australian Air Force base and civil airport.

North West Cape, Exmouth.The base was designed as part of the US’s MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) policy during the cold war.  Its function was to communicate to nuclear armed and powered submarines the order to fire nuclear missiles at the then Soviet Union. US strategy was to have as many ways as possible to inflict maximum damage on Soviet Union from under the water, on the water, from the air, from land and from space.  North West Cape was an important Command Control and Communications nodule in the system for nuclear war.

The Australian North West Cape Military Base

Harold E Holt Naval Communication Station

In the tiny West Australian town of Exmouth was born at the height of the Cold War to play a critical role in the fight against communism.

In 1967, then-prime minister Harold Holt commissioned the Naval Communication Station at Exmouth which sent encrypted messages to United States and Australian navy submarines.

North West                                               Cape



Maralinga, Emu Field Nuclear Test Sites &

Woomera Prohibited Area



Emu Field

Maralinga, Emu Field -Between 1956 and 1963 the British detonated seven atomic bombs at the site; one was twice the size of the bomb dropped on


There were also the so-called “minor trials” where officials deliberately set fire to or blew up

plutonium with TNT — just to see what would  happen.

Woomera Range Complex

The Woomera Range Complex is the largest land-based test range in the world, covering 122,000 square kilometres or 47,104 square miles. The size of New York State and Larger than Pennsylvania.

Located about 500 kilometres north-west of Adelaide, Woomera Range Complex‘s remoteness and quiet electromagnetic environment is ideal for complex air, ground and space test activities.

The Woomera Range Complex comprises both the Woomera Test Range and RAAF Base Woomera.

RAAF Base Woomera provides the essential operational support to the range, and includes the airfield, hangers, technical areas and village.

The range is used extensively by Australian and allied forces, and plays a significant role in Australia’s national security. With increased cooperation and joint exercises and training with the United States and other security partners, the demands on facilities such as Woomera are likely to increase.


Mine within the area

Then there is that Joint Facility South Of Woomera

Joint Defence Facility Nurrungar (JDFN), located on the edge of Island Lagoon, approximately 15 km south of Woomera, South Australia, was an Earth station in Australia operated jointly by the Australian Department of Defence and the United States Air Force from 1969 through to 1999. Its official area of emphasis was space-based surveillance, in particular the early detection of missile launches and nuclear detonations using U.S. Defense Support Program satellites in geostationary orbits. The name Nurrungar derives from an aboriginal term meaning “listen”.

After September 1999 its operations were moved to the Joint Defense Facility Pine Gap, near Alice Springs, and ownership of the premises was transferred to the

Woomera Test Range (headquartered in Adelaide).

Black Mountain – Queensland

Black Mountain National Park in Queensland, Australia, which is located around 25km (16 miles) south of Cooktown.

BackstageThe nature of the bizarre mound certainly makes its appearance conducive to scary stories and myths. From a distance, Black Mountain looks like a solid monolith of black looming over the primeval forest around it, but on closer inspection one can see it is in fact composed of gigantic, granite boulders, many of which measure up to 20 feet long, and soars up 900 feet over the surrounding landscape. These boulders were formed from solidifying magma around 250 million years ago, lack any trace of surface soil and have a distinct black coloration caused by a thin coating of iron and manganese oxides, as well as a film of blue-green algae covering the exposed surfaces.

Black Mountain has been ground zero for a wide variety of high strangeness. It is said that animals are spooked by the mountain, and that it exudes some evil force that has been reported to disrupt the navigational equipment of airplanes flying nearby. In fact, planes mostly avoid flying near the mountain due to these unexplained anomalies as well as the strange air turbulence that is experienced within the vicinity.


The Robertson  barracks was built during the 1990s.

The Barracks is home to the 1st Brigade and the 1st


Shoal Bay Naval Receiving Station

RAAF Base Darwin was established on 1 June 1940.

US Military stay here on Rotation

The first naval depot at Darwin was established

in January 1935. HMAS Coonawarra

            4 – RAAF Tindal

5 – Mount Bundey – 1,173 km2 0r 453 mi2

6 – Bradshaw Field – 9,145 Km2 0r  3,530mi2

7 – Delamere Range- 1,1404 Km2 or 4403 mi2

Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN)

The Australian Defence Satellite Communications Ground Station is located at Kojarena, 30 km east of Geraldton in Western Australia. It is operated by the ADF Australian Signals Division [ASD]. In late 2013 it housed 16 satellite antennas, including five with protective radomes.

Paynesville / Black Range WA

Melbourne- Dandenong

It is about 40 km from Melbourne centre to Dandenong

which puts it at Silvan Reservoir

Holsworthy & Lucas Heights

Holsworthy military reserve, which is 22,000-hectare (54,000-acre) training area and artillery range for the Australian Army, established in the 1880.

Fires burnt 3800 hectares April 14 2018,

& 2700 hectares July 27 2018.

Lucas Heights- Research

The High Flux Australian Reactor (HIFAR) was Australia’s first nuclear reactor. It was built at the Australian Atomic Energy Commission (later ANSTO) Research Establishment at Lucas Heights, Sydney. The reactor was in operation between 1958 and 2007, when it was superseded by the Open-pool Australian lightwater reactor, also in Lucas Heights.

To find solutions ANSTO operates much of Australia’s landmark infrastructure including one of the world’s most modern nuclear research reactors, OPAL; a comprehensive suite of neutron beam instruments; the Australian Synchrotron; the National Imaging Facility Research Cyclotron; and the Centre for Accelerator Science.

Inside OPAL


= still under cabal control

~ completely destroyed by white hats

+ under white hat control


Snowy Mountains-

Pine Gap

Mount Zeil

Black Mountain Cooktown-

Exmouth- North West Cape


Nullabor– Woomera

Darwin & NT – Shoal Bay

Melbourne- Dandenong

Hobart Tasmania

Sydney- Holsworthy



Delamere Air Weapons Range – NT



Bible Memory Verse

Romans 8:28

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, have been called according to his purpose.

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