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#ObamaGate Goes Mainstream. Amanda Grace Prophesy. B2T Show May 12

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In this episode, Rick reviews new Q posts showing #ObamaGate going mainstream. Searching Twitter shows millions of posts in the last few days with this tag!

Also, the plan to control the election is exposes as the Cabal tries to leverage the virus.

We also read a powerful Word from the Lord given to Amanda Grace that confirms the Cabal will be exposed!

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Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) – Number Of Prescriptions Explodes In France

House Dems Unveil Coronavirus Bill Estimated to Cost $3T, in Largest Stimulus Package Yet


The media’s lack of interest in the corrupt Obummer administration proves they are enemies of the USA.

Q 4224 – Shows us why this is taking so long

Of course Chelsea Clinton is on board of company that does contract tracing. Soros & Gates involved as well.

Chelsea Clinton On Board Of Trustees For Contact Tracing Group Funded By Bill Gates & George Soros

For the first time in 3 1/2 years, Rush Limbaugh is talking about the DNC Server. He’s talking about Seth Rich.

Fauci is the ENEMY! Period!



Amanda Grace


And the Spirit of the Lord says this day…I AM GOD, I AM SEATED ON THE THRONE, I RULE


My children we are entering a very crucial time, we are in a crucial season. A season that will usher in change down to the deepest levels that people do not see says the Spirit. My children, it is crucial for you to be in My Word, For you to feed your souls and Hide My word in your heart, for the Word, for I AM THE WORD, is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path.

In a world where the enemy is attempting to encompass the earth in a veil of darkness, the light of God is what will pierce the darkness with such precision. what has been moving undetected in the darkness, the activities of those who serve in the dark shall have a light, a pure and Holy light a light that dissipates the darkness, upon their lives, their activities and whom they serve will be made very clear. A double life, many have been leading a double life, in the public a carefully contrived persona that is meant to appeal to the masses, that is meant to lure them in so messages, instructions, likes and dislikes can be planted into the subconscious and the leaven of the enemy, a sprinkling here and a sprinkling there, then begins to rise and infect the mind, heart and soul of the masses, luring them towards a spiritual cliff so the enemy can destroy the sensitivity of their spirits, interfere where they cannot feel the presence of God, where they cannot hear His Words, and where they are drawn away from His word for what appears to be a secure life.

My Children, there is NOTHING secure about the lives of those who are puppets, trophies, mouthpieces and carriers for the enemy’s agenda. It is an illusion, it is false, it is a fragmented picture that with smoke and mirrors is meant to APPEAR, whole, however my children, with eyes to see and ears to hear from Almighty God you begin to see the cracks, the fracturing, the instability that has now plagued these people who sold their life for an image, an image presented to the public as one way to appear appealing, and behind the veil is filled, with the cankerworm, Locusts the palmer worm and gall.

The appearance the enemy has so orchestrated and contrived for so long is indeed fracturing, it is crumbling, what is hidden is being forced to the surface. As a gazer, there is pressure underground building that you cannot see My children, however that pressure forces the gazer to come forth from underground and erupt into the light, where My children you see the evidence of what had been building underground where you could not see.

So My children there is MUCH pressure in the Sprit, there is pressure being applied from underneath in the natural to literally force to the surface what has been hidden, to force an eruption! Many eruptions will take place during this time, the enemy cannot stop it, it is bubbling up and over for all to see containing the secrets, lies, agendas, cover-ups and all the detestable activities, blasphemous to Almighty God, that has taken place.

Yes there is a great awakening, the blindness is dissipating, the colorblindness is dissipating, the spiritual blurriness that has blurred the lines is coming into focus and what has been right there all along people are now truly beginning to SEE, a game that has been played with their emotions with their lives for a very long time, a treacherous game of manipulation, mental manipulation, manipulation of ideas of a way of life, subtly over time for the enemy feeds it a bit at a time for if those saw the whole picture from the start they would run, cower and hide, trembling at the wickedness before them. However the vileness of who Lucifer is is kept hidden and a more palatable agenda is put forth to get those to compromise on the small things here and there that become the stepping stones to the major life altering changes that truly change the composition spiritually and physically of who one was created to be says the Lord God Jehovah.

Those who intended evil to hold onto their false power their false positions, I the Lord have overruled the enemy who has argued before me that man is unredeemable, that because of the level of sin in this world he should be allowed to destroy and use whom he pleases HOWEVER I the Lord have overruled him before My throne for there is no principality power spiritual wickedness or might that is above Me that can create a world out of nothing that can create man with the Holy breath of God giving them life. Therefore I have overruled the enemy and for daring such I have ruled on consequences, and the enemy, the verdict is in, the enemy shall have large holes blown right through his camp, his interconnected structure his web and the channels, back channels, tunnels, and chambers shall be fractured, blocked, destroyed and hit where the connection is no longer seamless says the Lord.

I the Lord am allowing his puppets to fall removing My hand fully and allowing those who make a public spectacle holding relics of the most vile demonic entities, boldly and unapologetically placing it out before the people, those pictures and videos have had chants and rants spells and incantations spoken over them to thread the needle in the souls of those who watch says  the Lord of Hosts this day. Those who want to cook in the spirit shall fall by their own cauldron says the Lord God Jehovah! Look for this to happen, you will hear of this says the Lord. For those who have challenged Me and defiantly corrupted man as vessels for the enemy shall fall so fast, shall appear as paper dolls, no power no substance, for My Holy Power, when My Fire truly manifests, truly enters the center the core of a circumstance of ones life, it drives out everything that has given that person power in the dark, they are weak, they are powerless and they fall for MY power far exceeds anything the enemy could ever attain, demons tremble at the name of my son Jesus, they truly fear Him because of the power of what happened on Calvary, where the devil thought he was getting Jesus out of the way when in fact His blood purchased and stepped in the way blocking the devil from total domination and destruction of humanity, he was lured in just to have  thousands of years of rebellion crumble before his very eyes, Lucifer trembles in MY presence the name of My son Jesus sends fear as lightening through his body for it is My son who sits at My right hand who makes intercession for My children as we see the time granted for them to turn from their wicked ways and seek My face. The kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force My children and heavy heavy loss is being inflicted upon the kingdom of darkness.

This is a season where people have been forced to stop and ponder and think where before they were so distracted and overfilled with spiritual clutter they could not hear what the spirit had to say, NOW many in the midst of what appears to be a shutdown, a lock down, the spirits of men and women are opening up to MY Word, and they are hearing those I have placed on the earth as mouthpieces to make My heart and plans known to the people.

Watch in this hour for major explosions in the spirit and in the natural as a testimony to these words says the Lord. There will be naturally occurring events that will confirm how I the Lord am moving in the Spirit.

I shall shake the governor of California says the Lord, every part of his life shall shake for he is a contrived and controlled figure bought and paid for by those who so greedily attempt to grasp and attain more and more power and influence in the world, where they get pleasure out of infecting the masses says the Lord of Hosts this day. An event on the east coast shall leave various parts of the media of those who forecast, scratching their heads, almost in disbelief that such an event , the timing of it, would happen in the midst of an epidemic says the Spirit! Blow the shofar says the Spirit for you are marching to victory! Victory in many areas shall sweep through the body of Christ, for as the Lord your God parted the red sea and protected the Jews as they crossed from a very wicked army so the miraculous shall happen to rescue the people of God from being cornered attacked, destroyed by the enemy, for there is no plan he can make that My mighty angelic army does not report back to Me says the Lord, you shall cross over to the other side and begin new chapters in your lives, that honor and glorify Me says the Lord, one side of the red sea represented oppression, slavery, the heaviness of a life the enemy kept in bondage, in his cycles, and the other side of the red sea represents total freedom, vindication from your enemies, the power of the living God destroying those who attempt to destroy His people, and the beginning of moving toward the promise. Yes My children you are crossing over, beginning a new chapter and moving toward the promise. HOWEVER YOU MUST OBEY MY INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS, IT IS CRUCIAL. For many are being elevated into positions the Lord has ordained since their birth on the earth and I the Lord God Elohim, the righteous Judge the lion of Judah shall now have MY WAY!

Look for more whistle blowers to come forth as the rumblings of a tsunami, a wave of truth has begun to rise and will crest! This wave will destroy much the enemy has built in this country and around the world in the media, music industry Hollywood, even a web of churches erected like a house of cards to bring the temperature of the people of God to lukewarm, these shall fold and the voices at the helm at the pulpit exposed for who they are and who they are connected to in the kingdom of darkness, a light bulb shall go off in the minds of those in this country and around the world and they shall see just how deep connections run a triangular connection between parts of the government, Hollywood, and the media says the Lord God Jehovah for it goes all the way back to the pyramids and pharaoh says the Spirit.

There shall be a whistle blower who comes forth and emerges from the media who exposes the darkest secrets the ruling class shutters at the thought of the people finding out for the television is meant to redirect your VISION where like a Polaroid picture one develops before you that is fabricated by the enemy using his many tools and tricks in his arsenal to get you to come into AGREEMENT with the life he has painted for you, and more and more shall reject that vision tare up that picture and demand change. There shall be a major financial hit to the media as their trophies and mouthpieces are becoming restless, as the Spirit of the Lord wrestles with the corruption placed inside their souls. There shall be 1 major in-particular that exposes such darkness of the media that the people who once trusted in droves shall forsake that is no longer news but propaganda and lies.

However I have planted some as I planted Obadiah in jezebel and ABAH’S COURT, I have planted some in the heart of these areas who are witnessing to key people and hearts will change publicly there are those in the heart of these industries that will proclaim their faith in Jesus and the gates of hell shall quake as these voices get louder and more dominant says the Lord of Hosts this day!

Prepare My children PREPARE seek Me for wisdom about this and it shall be poured out in great measure upon you for this is a time where the deceiver shall be deceived! The table is being turned, what is emotionally meant to infect there shall be a rejection and shall turn and be sent back to the senders, and they shall see their own plans take out their lives and shatter what they thought was protected by the enemy, they shall not harm MY people for I the Lord am protecting the flock, angelic visitations watch for this shall increase and there is so much change set to occur says the Lord, the spirit shall become as real as the natural to many and they shall speak what they have seen beyond the veil! Cleave unto Me seek Me while I may be found and walk in gratitude and humility before Me Almighty God and watch Me pour out My Spirit on My children in greater measure than they have ever received! God Bless you My Precious Children, I love you more than you will ever know, peace be with you.

My peace I give unto you! In the name of My son Yeshua, Jesus the King of Kings! Amen and amen!

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