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Wall to #Walkaway – B2T Show Jan 13 – Bible Study Rom 6

Show Notes:

Amanda Grace Go Fund me page

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Exclusive: CIA Ex-Director Brennan’s Perjury Peril

Anon from 8chan lays out how the wall fight will lead to many leaving the Democratic Party.

Q Drop 2672: far beyond sedition

Trump “I haven’t Left the White House Since Shutdown Began 

NWO Nancy votes to GIVE 54 BILLION [$54,000,000,000] to foreign governments [Kickback City].. but NOTHING [$0.00] to protect ‘American lives and jobs’ from massive foreign invasion.

In Review: Russians NOT murdering Americans, importing drugs, running human trafficking ops, arming Central American thugs, detonating car bombs, grooming and raping children…

TRUMP to CIA > ‘We need to get rid of the columns, do you understand that?’

Bill HR25 Would Abolish Income Tax, IRS 

Guys, this interview is pretty big. Trump for like 20 minutes, Jan 12 2019 Fox News. “It’ll be my greatest achievement” regarding exposing corruption.

Potus just went postal on justice jennine phone interview.. “people are going to be exposed that never thought possible”

EXCLUSIVE: German MP Petr Bystron Responds to Refugee Stabbing Pregnant Woman and Killing Her Unborn Baby at Hospital in Germany, ‘Illegal Immigration is Not Mercy — It is Murder’

STEFAN MOLYNEUX SHOCKING INTERVIEW: 90% of Medicaid fraud committed by immigrants. Send them back!

I had mentally prepares myself to be “REEDJUCATED” in a FEMA CAMP, now I plan to die in my sleep. TRUMPERS GAVE ME MY LIFE BACK!!!

Bible Study

Romans Chapter 6 

Scripture Memory App 



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