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Venezuelan Govt. Collapse! Mel K LIVE. B2T Show Mar 8, 2023

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Governments across the world will fall and Venezuela may be the next according to the latest prophetic word from Julie Green.

“Watch Venezuela. An event will take place there the world cannot ignore. Their government will collapse along with many other nations.”

Mel K comes on the show and continues to give us insight based on her awesome research.

Mel discusses the latest information on the globalists plan and how the Billionaire Elites have taken over nearly every part of our nation and world.

She discusses how evil Rhodes scholars are and how it’s a grooming institution for globalism.

Mel gives us updates on George Soros and her opinion on Elon Musk.

She feels Elon is an elite who is fighting other elites as he fights for free speech, the constitution and against progressive extremism.

We discuss how the Lord often uses the enemy to fight each other and how this is likely what is happening now.

Rick correlates this to the Bible and Amanda Graces last prophetic word about demons squabbling.  When discussing Iran, the word says:

“it’s going to encapsulate them and it is going to cause the handshake that was seen with a red nation to be severed and broken says the Lord because demons squabble says the Lord; demons squabble and you shall publicly says the Lord, see that squabbling begin…”

Rick interviews Mel for 40 minutes or so and then Backstage members ask Mel several questions around Soros, her being called a modern day Esther and about her travel plans.

We pray for Mel and then end with more prayer and the blowing of shofars before going backstage for Q&A around backstage, the neighborhood and for a Gus Bible Study.

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