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Vaccine Truths from an MD. Utah Trafficking Tunnels? B2T Show Apr 19, 2022

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Dr. Jim Meehan (MD) comes on the show with some major truth bombs about the fraudulent medical research and the entire medical cartel.

We start with the liberal madness around the mask mandate being lifted.

Then we discuss the prophetic words around the stock market crash and wealth transfer that partially may happen due to Gold and Silver.

We review Julie’s prophet words about underground tunnels in Utah used to transfer children.

We hear the word “Mormon” will be in the news as we learn about people living in unspeakable ways.

The word calls out human sacrifices and experimentation worse than the Nazi’s in WWII.

Dr. Meehan comes on and discusses how most solid research that tells truth against a Big Pharma drug is not published.

He boldly left a profitable practice to study functional medicine and ways to really help patients with prevention vs. necessary surgery because lack of prevention.

He discusses the mass damage the vaccines do to the body and how Doctors are controlled from day 1 of med school by the medical cartel.

After Rick prays for Dr. Meehan’s protection, we go backstage and many questions are answered on how to help loved ones and steps to take for true health.   You can have access to the recordings by joining backstage here:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage


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