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Unsealed Indictment Links to Clinton Foundation! B2T Show Jan 28

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YUUUGE NEWS: Direct Link of Today’s Indictment (Huawei) and FBI’s Illegal Spy Operation on Trump

So you thought Trump caved? Then you are not paying attention.

Trump’s genius with the shutdown is awe inspiring. He has them trapped and they don’t even know it

Trump to Deliver State Of The Union February 5th

The truth about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg  



Trump is destroying the DS right in front of our eyes. But many are still too blind to see it.



Legal Hispanics escaped their bad situations. They do not want America to become the hell hole they left. They support the.wall. They want the American dream for their family, not a nightmare.

Understand this: If society accepts infanticide than its easy to accept p3d0phili4. That’s what the NY abortion bill is really about.

Feds Refuse to Unseal Documents on FBI Deep State Raid of Clinton Foundation Whistleblower that Implicate Mueller

My Q Theory, You have more than you know, think mirror, 4 10 20, [kill brackets]

George Papadopolis Tweet 


Strange Craigslist Ad Asks For Anyone Who “Resembles” Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Get In Contact Immediately

The world is upside down



17-3-3 Spiritual Treason March 3, 2017 Mark Taylor

The Spirit of God says, “Why are My people attacking one another? Why are My people engaging in friendly fire? Friendly fire will not be tolerated! Just because you disagree with that person doesn’t give you the right to murder that person with your words. “Thou shall not murder!” Repent! You will be held accountable for every word you speak. The religious, legalistic and critical spirits that are on My people are creating division and chaos. Can you not see that you are being used by the Kingdom of Darkness? You are aiding the enemy! How can you take on an enemy that you are a part of? You are using My written word as an intellectual weapon against My people. You Brood of Vipers! My written word was meant to be wielded against the enemy not the people of God. Repent, you who commit Spiritual Treason! You think because you know my written word that you know Me, but your hearts are far from Me. Your intellect, your so called knowledge, has created a spiritual arrogance, and your pride is separating you from Me. lf the written word was alive in you, you would not use it to attack My people. Repent!”

The Spirit of God says, ‘Where is the sound of unity? Where is the mercy and grace that I have shown you? Why are you not showing it to others? Why has your love grown cold? Put your petty differences aside. My love is unconditional. Love each other deeply. Love covers a multitude of sins and My mercy endures forever. The love, mercy, grace, and unity that I am looking for will be what it takes in these days ahead to push back the forces of darkness so My gospel can go forth. These attributes are what’s needed to be a part of my Army. I am looking for men and women of God to put their differences aside, come together in unity, for this common cause in forwarding My Kingdom. My Army is making great strides against the Kingdom of Darkness! Taking ground! Holding ground! They will be an unstoppable force in the days ahead. Unify, unify, unify! I am calling on My troops to unify now!

Ezekiel 36:2

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.”


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