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Under Armour Scandals! Q Update from Jeff, In the Matrixxx. B2T Show May 18, 2022

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Blessed to Teach (B2T) empowers Christian Patriots with Truth!

Nike is evil, Adidas is running transgender male athlete commercials….

but now it looks like Under Armour will also be hit with scandals according to Julie Green’s prophetic words.

We also learn about how truly evil and demonic the Deep State really is and God will expose it all.

Jeff Peterson of In The Matrixxx and Shady Grooove join us LIVE!

We learn of Jeff’s trips to Maro Lago 3 times in less than 2 weeks.  This included trips to help with Foundation research.

Jeff also was able to go to a private viewing of 2000 Mules and a dinner afterwards where he got a hug from Trump!  Learn what he said to Jeff as he hugged him!!

Shady gives us great insights to the way they dig and we get to see a portion of their ReAwaken America presentation.

This is key vindication (the MaroLago and being added to the Tour) of their great research/digging on Q.

Backstage we get some Q&A from Shady and Jeff and learn more about the foundations and how they fund the stolen elections.  We also get to hear their prayer requests and pray for them both!  Join Backstage here to see recording and get more personal insight from our Patriot Guests:  blessed2teach.mykajabi-backstage

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Uniparty Takes Out Talented GOP Freshman Madison Cawthorn Just Weeks After He Openly Discussed DC Orgies in Interview


Julie Green’s Prophetic Word

***For I the Lord this day, declare to my children, your enemies are failing at every attempt to take you over, to take this world into a greater captivity.

Your enemies have plans to cause greater damage to this world and you will hear them shout, you will hear them threaten you with more chaos. You will see markets crash and havoc began to take over. It may seem, remember these words, everything your enemies are doing will fail. Their governments will fail their markets, their control, their financial hold over you. Their medical industry. Their laws. Their shortages. Their sicknesses. Their news stations. I will say to you this day, all of these things will Fall like the walls of Jericho. No wall they have put up, no law they have put into place can stand when I move my hand against it.  Your enemies will have no relief in the coming days.

*** A major incident will happen or will take place at the white house. Breaking news reports will go worldwide at once because of what has occurred. Unheard of, undescribable, horrific. It will shock many people when this news is released, but I, the Lord will show you the real truth, not what they are saying took place. I will expose all their lies and their narrative #

***A shadow government. This phrase will be in the news. Look, and really pay attention who has said this and leaked information will prove what has been going on and who was really in control of your government, Oh, United States.

The deep state is deeper, darker, and more evil and demonic than anyone thought. #

***China whistleblowers are about to come out with information on what China has really been doing to not only take over the United States, but the plans take over the entire world. They were working with this fraudulent government. Yes, but they were betraying them and had plans to take them all out.

***Double crossing. This phrase will be used to describe many things that are about to take place with a lot of world leaders and the elites. They are now in self saving mode and are getting desperate and are willing to take more people out to save themselves. # Walkashaw. This name will be in your news. And this location is also important in the coming days.

Widespread. This word will be used and many headlines and breaking news reports. Do not fear. Nothing will come of this sayeth The Lord of hosts. A major discovery in rabbits will be found, listen to what they’re saying and remember they are liars. They are causing things on purpose to bring much fear. Any animal they try to use against you will not stand.and their plans will not work. Sayeth the Lord.

***An underground military base, a fortress will be used to describe It, has been found. The world elites were keeping it hidden from the world. Whistleblowers will expose what weapons, location and who has been funding it with and which nations were being recruited to help with this world takeover. There were also little children will be found and then gruesome discovery of what they have been doing to them will be revealed. Many things underground and many things in your waters will be revealed. Shockwaves will hit this earth. So brace for all that is about to come out.#

Canopy. This word will be used in your news and it’s not for what you are expecting it to be. It will bring a great surprise sayeth the Lord.

***Gross income. This phrase will be used in the news to describe what this fraudulent government is about to do with certain people who make certain amounts of money.

The strategy is being used to break the working middle-class to completely collapse the United States and the world markets. Instead, it will break them and every plan they have designed to destroy you sayeth the Lord of hosts.

***Under Armour. This company will be plagued with scandals. Another company that was hiding things they never wanted found. More whistleblowers will bring this to the public.

Arborealis. This will be in your news and something unusual will take place surrounding it. Listen to these words and remember I told you this for a sign to look for sayeth The Lord.

**Many of my children are asking and wondering About the words about the works, excuse me, of my hands. If I still move, if I still deliver. And if anything will be done about all the things that you are facing right now,

If I am even willing to save the world from that destruction they are causing? Some of my children think I have abandoned this world because of the evil that has been in this world and this is just part of your judgment you have to endure. My children. My son, your savior has shed his blood, died and endured the cross to set you free and to free you from sin and the curse.

So why would I abandon you now? I wouldn’t do that. No. There are shakings that are taking place to wake you up, to get you up out of your sleep. To remove the blinders Satan has kept over you and over so many. I am delivering you out of their slavery and giving you the desires of your heart. For such a freedom.

My children have longed for their whole lives. Your enemies are going down. They’re paying the price for their crimes. They are going to pay for all eternity because they are not interested in repenting. Their time has closed for them to turn back now. So now more will take place for the world to see. Yes,

you will see more shakings, more chaos and more darkness it will appear, but in such darkness my light will destroy it all. My presence will fill this earth like never before. Do not fear what they’re about to do. Remember I sit in the heavenlies and laugh. I am laughing at them and their arrogance and how they think they can stand up against me.

And win. I will show them I am the same God that had delivered the Israelites in Egypt. And I am moving to destroy them like Pharaoh and his army. #.

Washburn. Listen for this name in your news. And when you see it, you will know why. Bread. A body of water will turn blood red. This’ll be extremely unusual, especially where this body of water is located.

Plagues. They will compare many weather events that are about to happen. And the news will continue to say biblical proportions. Hiawatha, This name will be in your news. Amber, this name will also be in your news.

***A death is about to take place that will shock this world. And many more are coming. Judgment days for your enemies are here to stay. An awakening and revival,

and my glory will stand and fill this earth. The world will know that everything that is about to take place could have only been done by me. So arise my children, where you are and receive In greater ways from me and this time. It’s yours to enjoy. Sayeth the Lord, your Redeemer!




Bible Memory Verses

Exodus 3:14

God said to Moses, “I am who I am.”[a] And he said, “Say this to the people of Israel: ‘I am has sent me to you.’”

John 8:58

Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”


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