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Trump Rally Prayer with Hands Held. NXIVM Verdict! B2T Show Jun 19

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AMEN! Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Opens Rally with Prayer: “A Demonic Network Has Been United Against Trump” Let It be Broken in the Name of Jesus

President Trump Rakes In ‘Record Breaking’ Amount Of Donations Less Than 24 Hours After Kicking Of His Re-Election Campaign


AMEN! Trump’s Spiritual Advisor Opens Rally with Prayer: “A Demonic Network Has Been United Against Trump” Let It be Broken in the Name of Jesus

JOHN SOLOMON: FBI Was Warned Several Times “Black Cash Ledger” on Manafort Might be Fake – Used it Anyway to Raid Manafort’s Home



BUSTED: Clinton Arkansas Friend Richard Mays Exposed As Top NXIVM Cult Member

YouTube already pulled down video of Merkel shaking & trembling

YouTube now hiding Dan Bongino newest videos. People often wonder how fascism takes hold in a society…. you’re watching it first hand.

Deft and swift move leaves Trumps hand picked man as head of Pentagon


Why is the ((( NYTimes )) IGNORING a $1,000,000,000 Cocaine Bust ?? 16 Tons of Coke Siezed in Philly and ((( THEY ))) Bury the Story lol Not ‘Fit to Print’ ??

DJT JR’s Speech…Joe Biden’s Son took 1.5 BILLION dollars from China…


UK/Trump Analysis

Much code on Trump in UK, note at the dinner speech that the queen said Trump was of Scottland (meaning he is part of the empire).  His reply was that we are a sovereign country.

Also note that she is to his left her chair as the queen is behind her BUT the chair of the King is behind Trump!

Also note Melania on the Red Carpet with the Red dress meaning the Red Carpet is out for HER THE QUEEN.  Also note that the military behind are U.S. Marines not British Military, meaning that our military is in charge.  Also when Trump inspects the troops in front of the palace he does so alone, meaning HE is in charge of that military as well.  Finally, he was signing document in West Minister Abbey taking charge of the Vatican.

This all means that NOW WE THE U.S. ARE IN CHARGE OF THE EMPIRE OF ROME (the 3 city state of the world rule)!!!


Don’t be deceived get in the Fight – Mark Taylor October 12, 2015     

The Spirit of God says, “The Clintons, the Clintons, your time has come to an end, for you both are being omitted for the Crimes you have committed. Hillary’s is no great secret and they will be her downfall, but Bill’s will be exposed one after the other and it will be a windfall. For this time, you will not escape prosecution and restitution for the rape and prostitution. You thought no one saw, but the Lord see it all, and now this will be your downfall.”

The Spirit of God says, “Beware, beware, the enemy roams about seeking whom he can devour and this sitting President is doing just that in this hour. He’s full of lies and deceit and is very hateful; he spreads division and corruption with every mouthful. Beware when he says, “Look over here what the right hand is doing’, to divert your attention from what the left hand is doing, is his intention. This is a setup from this President and his minions, from the hate, the division, and Hillary Clinton. Why can no one see this? For the signs are clear to see, that this President and his minions shall try for three. A sign will be, he will try and take the guns so the people can’t rise up and stop him when he tries to run. He will not succeed for this is the peoples right, but make no mistake it will be a fight.”

The Spirit of God says, “My Army, My Army, rise up and take to the fight, and I will stop this that has already taken flight. For this is a war over America and not to be taken lightly. You will have to fight, but America will shine brightly. Take the fight to the enemy and you will be victorious for all to see, and America will be loved once again, even by some that used to be her enemies. My Army, continue to war, pray and fight with a shout, and I will remove this President that has become a louse!  Then you will see the man I have chosen, Donald Trump, when he takes back MY WHITE HOUSE.

Bible Memory Verse

Isaiah 41:10

So do not fear, for I am with you;

do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

I will strengthen you and help you;

I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.


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